Diagnosis & Life Cycle of Key Insects on Properties in Texas
Speaker: Dr. Erfan Vafaie, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

Tree Care & Arborist Track: Diagnosis & Life Cycle of Key Insects Found on Commercial & Residential Properties in Texas

Thursday, August 5  9:50 AM - 10:50 AM .... CEU: TNLA 1, ISA 1

Understanding the life cycle of target pests is a key point to developing an IPM plan. This course will navigate attendees through the life cycle of key target pests in Texas and help prepare attendees how to properly diagnose and develop effective IPM programs. CEUs Available: TNLA, ISA, SAF Sponsored by Rainbow Treecare Scientific Advancements

Dr. Erfan Vafaie,

Extension Program Specialist IPM
Texas A&M AgriLife Research & Extension Center at Overton

Mr. Vafaie joined the AgriLife team in 2013 as the extension program specialist in integrated pest management. With a background in entomology, biological control and experience in farming, Mr. Vafaie’s goal is to deliver training in practical, economic and sustainable means of pest management. Mr. Vafaie’s interests include banker plants, trap plants, natural predators, parasitoids and cultural practices to reduce insect pest pressures. In addition to grower education, Mr. Vafaie aspires to fill the gap in public knowledge about general farming practices, pesticide tolerance and insect damage tolerance.

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