Oak Wilt -- Overcome the Diagnosis Challenge
Speaker: Kevin Belter, Owner ArborCare & Consulting

Tree Care & Arborist Track: Oak Wilt -- Overcome the Diagnosis Challenge

Friday, August 6  1:10 PM - 2:10 PM .... CEU: TNLA 1, ISA 1

This Breakout Session will provide you a step-by-step guide for oak wilt diagnostics of many of the oak species found in Texas. The most current diagnostic tools and resources in the industry will be presented. Finally, this session is especially geared to engage you with time devoted to Q&A at the end of the presentation. CEUs Available: TNLA, ISA, SAF Session Sponsored by Rainbow Treecare Scientific Advancements

Kevin Belter,

Owner, ArborCare & Consulting

ISA Board Certified Master Arborist® TX-3374B. Member of the American Society of Consulting Arborists

I grew up in the Texas hill country. I spent countless hours outside playing and working. Whether it be vacationing to parks, exploring all around the Boerne lake and its main tributary or dragging cut cedars across 11 acres to a burn pile working for my dad – I loved the outdoors. Kevin Belter in a treeI did not particularly agree with my father’s plan to “save” the property by complete eradication of cedar trees and in a way that was partly responsible for the beginning of my scientific questioning as well as a kind of bonding with these poor unwanted trees and by extension all trees.

Though the cedar dragging, fence construction, and the plethora of other duties I had over the years at home were not easy, I definitely gained a strong work ethic that serves me well today – I’d dare to say the most important factor in whether a small business succeeds or fails. Another critical component of a business’s success is knowledge – and knowing the limits of that knowledge in order to expand and improve constantly so it can inform the quality of work performed, make the business operations more efficient, etc. Though I took honors courses all through my schooling - I especially applied myself in college where I acquired a Bachelors of Art degree with the double majors of Theology and Philosophy. It was while I was doing Master’s studies that I took a part-time job with a tree care company and fell in love with this profession. Though on an initial face-value it may appear that the degree I had would not be of use – my experience is that the philosophy has helped me immensely in effective business structuring, fast-tracking the appropriation of the arboricultural field of knowledge, and scientific approach to application of current industry practices as well as inventive and effective new methods. As was Amos in the Old Testament was a “caretaker of sycamores”, I too see my profession as a way to glorify God and be a steward of these amazing and symbolic creations responsible for so much good – beauty, shade, air to name but a few.

I am often asked what’s my favorite tree? There is a very unique Montezuma cypress tree (a close cousin to our native Bald Cypress – my logo tree), known as the Tule Tree which is my inspiration and symbolizes my calling and purpose. It is the largest diameter tree in the world and it may be the very oldest. It is still standing today in excellent health. This picture of the tree with the Parroquia Santisima Asuncion de Maria del Tule, built in the 1600’s, represents well what motivates my passion. The town and church were built here because of the tree. The people’s lives have centered around this tree for many centuries. It points them to their Creator and Savior. I do what I do because I see trees in a light many don’t and wish to share my perspective in hopes that others will too be blessed from gaining a deeper appreciation and gratitude for trees.

EDUCATION SPONSOR: Landmark Nurseries, Inc.  
Landmark Nurseries is dedicated to continually supplying top quality plant material while maintaining superior customer service. These goals and focus allow Landmark to continue to provide a strong foundation for their continued growth and support of the green industry. In addition to its wholesale locations, Landmark operates four growing facilities located throughout Texas in Edgewood, Grand Saline, Kirbyville, and Round Rock. From annuals, perennials, shrubs, ground cover, to trees, each operation specializes in different aspects of Landmark’s goal to service the green industry as a whole. The farms encompass over 900 acres allowing Landmark to grow quality products while being able to maintain fair pricing.

HISTORY -- Landmark Nurseries, Inc. was founded over 20 years ago by Jim Prewitt. Jim began his landscape career doing jobs for friends and neighbors and soon after opened his first wholesale nursery in Garland, Texas. In 1992, Landmark moved from Garland to Coppell, Texas to set up new corporate headquarters and begin a long term goal of expanding facilities to service landscapers across the state. Since then, four other wholesale distribution locations have been added to major markets in Texas.

Address:     1510 Royston Ln, Round Rock, TX 78664
Email:    jprewitt@landmarknurseries.com    
Contact:   Jim Prewitt
Phone:    (512) 251-9238   FAX:  (512) 251-7117


Tree and Oak Wilt Experts in the Texas Hill Country
ArborCare & Consulting is owned by Kevin Belter .... ISA Board Certified Master Arborist® TX-3374B. Member of the American Society of Consulting Arborists

Some tree care companies “specialize” in pruning and removals. Others focus on disease and pest issues. From the beginning of my business – I decided ArborCare and Consulting will be committed to providing the full spectrum of tree care services regardless of the profit fluctuations. Because my company engages in every form of tree care service – its workers gain a more thorough understanding and appreciation for trees in their totality. I am certain that this has a positive effect on each service we provide.

The tools, techniques, products, and hardware we use and install are the best in the industry. For example pruning work is performed with STIHL arborist tools. Aircraft cables and drop-forged eyebolts are used for every static cable system. Climbing and safety gear are all custom designed and acquired from Sherilltree. Whenever possible systemic pesticides are used to avoid damage to beneficials. Generic health-related products are never utilized. Our oak wilt macro-infusion pumps are superior to every other pump on the market. The pump design is a result of many years of experimentation by the sole distributor (Rainbow Treecare Scientific) of the flagship oak wilt fungicide: Alamo. I believe in transparency and education – I am happy to explain the choices I’ve made regarding any service we provide.

225 S. Commons Ford Rd. Suite #127 Austin, TX 78733
Email:  kevin@arborcareandconsulting.com    
Contact:  Kevin Belter
Phone:  210-279-6969   FAX: 


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