ROI Your Business! .... Disrupting/Prompting Affect Approach
Speaker: Tom Shay, Principal at Profits Plus Solutions, Inc

Disrupting or Prompting; Does This Affect how you Approach Business?

Friday, August 6  8:00 AM - 9:00 AM .... CEU: TNLA 1

We have seen businesses that have simply closed while others have demonstrated some amazing creativity in selling now as well as preparing their businesses for what will be the permanent changes in how businesses will operate. We have seen three key responses by businesses, and they are indicative of what the individual businesses will do going forward; some great and some not so good. Fortunately, the opportunity to change will remain if acted upon soon and quickly.

Session: ROI Your Business! How to Maximize Your Business Investments

Friday, August 6  1:10 PM - 2:10 PM .... CEU: TNLA 1

You could invest in the stock market, money markets, land, buildings, or some other hot tip that a friend or family member has suggested. However, you will likely find the investment that will pay the best and most consistent return is the one you know and understand; your business. This session will help you know how to increase your ROI. Attend and you will know how to increase your wealth.

Tom Shay

Principal at Profits Plus Solutions, Inc 

Tom Shay's experiences as a fourth generation small business owner provide him with the knowledge and background to present tried and proven ideas to assist owners, managers, and staff with the day to day operation of their business. During the 25 plus years that Tom was a part of the family business, the businesses were ongoing laboratories for the techniques that Tom shares.

He presents proven and time tried ideas on the topics of business strategy, marketing, staff education, sales, and financial management.

A native of Fort Smith, Arkansas, Tom started his first job working in his grandfather's general store. Tom moved to Florida to join his parents in the family operation they had purchased in 1971. Over the next 26 years, the Shay family owned and operated three businesses. In 1997, Tom sold the business to devote full time to the development of seminars and writing magazine columns and books.

In addition to providing proven business building ideas through his writings in over 75 trade publications, Tom has authored twelve books on small business management and a college text book on small business accounting. As a speaker, Tom earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) distinction, an honor that has been earned by less than 8% of speakers worldwide. As a magazine columnist, Tom received multiple Jesse H. Neal award nominations.

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Profits Plus Solutions, Inc ... For Small Business
Content. Whether you are listening to a person speak, read an article or book they have written, or talk with them in a one-on-one situation, you want there to be substance to what they are saying. You want someone who has "been there and done that." Information may come from a text book, but proven knowledge comes from experience.

Welcome to Profits Plus. You have just found access to the best online tool for small businesses. Decisions about how to manage your business should no longer be a guessing game. The purpose of Profits Plus and Tom Shay is to assist business owners and managers in increasing today's profits, plus build their business for the future. As an individual, I strive to achieve this through my efforts in magazine articles, books, seminars,customized consulting services, and partnerships with other like minded businesses. I know that I am working with families and individuals whose livelihood depends on the results of the business. It is an honor and privilege to have the opportunity to work with and for the businesses which serve their community.

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