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Horticultural Distributor Since 1902.    
Horticultural distributor dedicated to delivering the finest quality materials at reasonable prices. Since 1902, McHutchison has been providing the most professional wholesale purchasing experience in the horticultural industry. Our staff members and sales representatives will answer your questions, organize your orders and find the products you need quickly. McHutchison makes horticultural "one stop shopping" a reality, providing online access to geraniums, bulbs, foliage, perennials, plugs, poinsettias, pot crop, spring plants, nursery and supplies. No matter what horticultural product you need, McHutchison can provide it...all from the finest suppliers in the business!

Address:     385 Middleroad Tpk. Woodbury, CT 06798
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Phone:    (203) 910-1478   FAX:  (973) 317-1225



McHutchison has had a history of innovation within the industry. During its early days, the firm was a leader in the importation of nursery liners from Europe which greatly expanded the market in the United States. Along with bulbs which were imported to the New York docks and shipped by rail, the address at Chambers Street became one of America's best known horticultural addresses.

Over time, McHutchison developed the Mac-Pak line of products for the evolving garden center market after World War II. Prepackaged bulbs, prepackaged perennials, bamboo stakes and rakes, and Slug-it became staples in the evolving garden centers.

Demand for new products, and the availability of a new shipping pot made of plastic expanded the market available to the McHutchison sales force. Coupled with improved transportation methods providing product from distant growers became cost effective and McHutchison greatly expanded its vendor partners.

During the early 1960's finished nursery stock became an important part of the McHutchison portfolio, and in the mid 1970's nursery stock from the Pacific Northwest became a key part of our product mix. To this day, we remain one of the largest nursery providers to the trade with the ability to get our customers timely, cost effective deliveries.

We continue to constantly redefine our product offering to the greenhouse trade, and with no production or breeding facilities of our own, we have the independence to select what we believe are the best genetics, the best varieties and the best product type so our customers receive the best unbiased advice. This helps make our customer/partners successful.

This is our commitment to you, our customer. As it has been since 1902, we will do everything possible to be your partner in a successful horticultural business. For without you, McHutchison will not be around for the next 100 years.

Customer Service

Derron Ellis


Off: (800) 943-2230 ext. 233  |  Fax: (973) 317-1213

Liz Anievas

Off: (800) 943-2230 ext. 261

Linda Dubbeld

Off: (800) 943-2230 ext. 317

Angela Fajardo

Off: (800) 943-2230 Ext: 318

Rosie Fernandez

Off: (800) 943-2230 Ext: 333

Susan Karg

Off: (800) 943-2230 Ext: 264

Toni Morgana

Off: (800) 943-2230 Ext: 251

Elizabeth Payne

Off: (800) 943-2230 Ext: 363

Lucretia Perkins

Off: (800) 943-2230 Ext: 240

Sarah Rasch

Off: (800) 943-2230 Ext: 410

Josh Vink

Off: (800) 943-2230 Ext: 348

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Nursery Department

Mike Pezzillo

VP of Operations /Nursery Manager

(800) 943-2230 Ext: 255  |  Fax: (973) 317-1220

Mark Feier

Regional Nursery Manager

(800) 943-2230 Ext: 354  |  Fax: (973) 317-1220

Kevin Lawler

Assistant Nursery Manager

(800) 943-2230 Ext: 368  |  Fax: (973) 317-1220

Christine Fitzpatrick

Nursery Claims Specialist

(800) 943-2230 Ext: 204  |  Fax: (973) 317-1220

Karen Meador

Nursery Customer Service Specialist

(800) 943-2230 Ext: 205  |  Fax: (973) 317-1220

Linda Ferrari

Nursery Customer Service Specialist

(800) 943-2230 Ext: 298  |  Fax: (781) 240-8558

Sheilagh Colin

Nursery Department

(800) 943-2230 Ext: 260  |  Fax: (973) 317-1220

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Plant Department

Melanie Byrne


(800) 943-2230 Ext: 292

Aidan Castori

Price Page Supervisor

(800) 943-2230 Ext: 280

Mickie DeFillippis


(800) 943-2230 Ext: 294

Sandra Hagedorn

Price Pages

(800) 943-2230 Ext: 362

Sara Hagedorn

Price Pages

(800) 943-2230 Ext: 228

Heidi Rehberger

Price Pages, EDI Analytics, Quotes

(800) 943-2230 Ext: 351

Susan Savitt

Quotes, URC Product Logistic Specialist

(800) 943-2230 Ext: 288

Tricia Toomey

Price Pages

(800) 943-2230 Ext: 347


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