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New Earth Compost

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    FROM BAG TO BULK -- Soils & Compost  
    New Earth soils & compost works with businesses, developers, municipalities and manufacturers to give new life to waste and replenish the Earth. Whether you're already passionate about gardening, or just beginning to learn, we've got what you're looking for! Good gardening starts here!

    New Earth began out of L&H Packing in San Antonio. Manure was our problem and we were looking for a solution almost 30 years ago. We came across composting as a means to get "rid" of our waste cost effectively. Since that time we have created a company that has seen rapid growth in the last 15 years. New Earth has taken this model of creating a valuable "New Earth" product from many business and municipalities problems. With well over 500 active customers we have the experience and the infrastructure to create sustainability through composting. Whether you are a customer who purchases our composts, soils, or mulches or are a City or Municipal Authority wanting a solution, New Earth's team is ready to work for you. Our goal is to be the best in our industry by providing the highest quality products and services. Give us a call to see how New Earth can work for you.

    Address:     12286 Hwy 105 East Conroe, TX 77306
    Contact:   Mike Lininger
    Phone:    210-661-5180   FAX:  210-666-3363


    McCourt Equipment offers an equipment solution to New Earth Compost
    New Earth Compost Director of Operations, Justin Dubose, shows us how valuable his facility is to the environment and how McCourt's through the partnership with McCloskey and Doppstadt and Ecoverse line of equipment have made this possible. McCourt Equipment Sales Manager- Environmental Equipment, Britt Reid, takes us on a tour of New Earth Compost in Katy, TX.

    Our Mission:

    Become the most recognized innovator and respected leader in the organics recycling industry.
    Faithfully steward relationships with our team, customers, suppliers, communities, and the earth.
    Maximize value creation for all our clients by providing the highest quality solutions through superior service, knowledge, and technology.

    Where We Come From:

    New Earth was established in 1997 in San Antonio, TX. It started with a necessity to provide waste solutions to local organic waste producers. At the same time, New Earth was able to provide quality soil, mulch, compost, and more from that organic waste. For more than 20 years, New Earth has leveraged technology and experience to create value for millions of customers.

    New Earth is a leading sustainability leader in Texas while providing superior products and excellent service. From large municipalities with multiple waste streams to a single potted plant in a window seal, New Earth has creates solutions to fit every need. The best part about New Earth is our team, who treats each customer with the same Texas hospitality as the next.