User-Friendly Fertilizing
Our name says it all — Fertileeze® saves your back, joints, and muscles when you fertilize your plants. If you’re a commercial grower or a “backyard” nursery, you’ll love this lightweight fertilizer applicator. No more crawling on hands and knees or bending for hours with a spoon and bucket! And no more spilling expensive fertilizer. Weighing just 2.5 pounds empty, this fertilizer applicator gives your plants the proper amount of nutrients they need while reducing waste. This applicator delivers the product at the lower end of the wand fast without a delay. With the two closed containers you can carry 18 lb. of material to the work area and changing containers takes about 15 seconds.

Fertileeze also works well with several granular insecticides that have a prill similar to control release fertilizers. It is fast, and applies the product where it needs to be. One grower just told me he treated 1,000 pots is 30 minutes with “Precise” insecticide, and the closed container made the application safer.

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