Horticultural Alliance

DIEHARD™ brand of high quality organic amendments and soil conditioners
Company manufactures DIEHARD™ brand of high quality organic amendments and soil conditioners including mycorrhizal fungus inoculants, Trichoderma, biostimulants, beneficial bacterial packages and gels for landscaping installations, maintenance and curative applications. Our 100+ ingredient transplant amendment “jump-starts” dozens of these natural systems for both the plant and the ground getting the transplant off to an unprecedented start. Company manufactures products for arbor, greenhouse, landscape, nursery, turf, and erosion control and is very active in private label marketing. In addition the company offers Horta-Sorb® brand of water absorbent polymers with over 30 years’ experience in the development of applications for these unique absorbents. Complete satisfaction with all products from this company is guaranteed.

Horticultural Alliance, Inc.’s philosophy is to market the best products possible for its markets, deal honestly and fairly with our customers by providing the best information and service possible to merit and earn their trust, and to deal fairly with our business associates. We believe that the relationship that exists in the market today between the customer and the supplier has run afoul due to greed, mistrust, and short-sightedness. We believe that the customer is interested in a true business partner and we intend to build such relationships. We intend to create wealth for our customers and in turn value for ourselves.

Address:     1550 66th Ave. Dr. East, Sarasota, FL 34243
Email:    elaines@horticulturalalliance.com
Contact:   Elaine Shapiro
Phone:    941-739-9121   FAX:  888-386-4478


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