All natural, DEET-free insect repellents.  
Bug-Bouncer® safely repels over 100 types of insects. We have tested Bug-Bouncer® formulas in all types of climates – on beaches, in jungles, deserts, mountains, rain forests, and our own backyards. All blends are very effective against mosquitoes. When our kids were exposed to things like head lice, scabies or flea invasions, we used Bug-Bouncer® to provide layer of personal protection, in the classroom, at day care or even the doctors’ office. Park Blend is particularly effective against bedbugs. Since Bug-Bouncer™ is water-soluble, we developed the “habitual-ritual” to remember to frequently reapply after swimming or when perspiring on hot days.

Each blend has been designed with a pleasing scent that is effective, but not overwhelming. Our standard blends are a 33% concentration of essential oils, available in two scents, PARK (lavender/geranium-based) and GARDEN (citronella-based), allowing each person to choose what they like best. Our FOREST blend provides extra-strength protection with a higher concentration (50%) of essential oils. The witch hazel base relieves the itching and irritation from bites, if any Bug-Uglies™ do get through!

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