Stockosorb (Evonik)

Water and nutrients for improved plant growth.  
STOCKOSORB® increases the utilizable water holding capacity of soils and potting mixes on a long-term basis. STOCKOSORB® are crosslinked organic synthetic Polymers able to retain water and plant nutrients. On demand water and nutrients are released to the plants and surrounding soil. STOCKOSORB® provides a continuously available water reservoir, where the plant needs it - in the root zone.

STOCKOSORB® 660 is based on a hydrogel technology designed for the agricultural and horticultural sectors for water and soil management. STOCKOSORB® 660 stores hundreds of times its weight in water. On demand, as soil conditions turn dry, nutrient-rich water is released to the plant root zone where it is most needed. STOCKOSORB® 660 helps create constant moisture conditions in the root zone of the plant. It provides a moisture buffer against insufficient rainfall and watering, heat and drought.

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