Robert & Moffatt Tree Farm

Our services include spading, curing, irrigating and caring for the trees and their roots system until pick up or delivery.  
Robert and Moffatt Tree Farm is located in Bayou Goula, Louisiana, next to the historic Nottoway Platation. We have over 20,000 matured trees growing on 50 acres of land, offering many varieties of types of trees and sizes. Selling to the public, landscape contractors, and nurseries, we offer tours of our property in order for you to personally hand pick your trees. What happens after you have selected your trees? We service you by spading the trees from the ground with proper equipment, properly prep your tree by wrapping its root system in ball and burlap, and finally curing the tree and its root system with on-site irrigation. We also assist with the scheduling of a pick up or delivery of the trees.

Address:     30185 Hwy. 1 South Bayou Goula, LA 70716
Email:        Contact:  
Phone:    225-545-3336   FAX: 


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