Glueck Tree Farm

Glueck Tree Farm is a family-owned operation of approximately 120 acres. All tree and shrub material originates on the farm, either from propagation or seedlings. All material is container-grown and available for sale in 15 to 200 gallon sizes.  
Glueck Tree Farm stemmed from Glueck Farm, which was the crop-farming operation owned by Charles and Mickey Glueck. Charles realized through those years of crop-farming that the unstable nature of the business could not allow his seven children ample future opportunities on the family farm. Thus, what began as an experimental greenhouse venture turned to a full-fledged tree farming operation. Glueck Tree Farm was established in 1996 and it is truly a family business to this day.

The business is located just south of Interstate 10 between Columbus and Sealy. Glueck Tree Farm sells approximately 80% oak trees and the remainder of the inventory is grown to cater to landscaping appeal. Our trees and shrubs are primarily sold in the South Texas region, spanning from Dallas to Houston, Austin to the Rio Grande Valley.

Address:     1098 Tree Farm Rd. Cat Spring, TX 78933
Email:     Contact:  
Phone:    979 733-8500   FAX:  979 733-8505


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