L&M Supply Company

Leaders in Geotextiles, Silt Fence, Landscaping & Erosion Control Products.  
Over the past three decades, L & M Supply Company has been recognized as the leader in Geotextiles, Landscape and Erosion Control Products. We have established hundreds of successful Distributors across North America and are adding more each week. One of the keys to our success is the fact that our Distributors can mix and match from a diverse product line and fill their stocking truckloads with a combination of literally dozens of products. This not only provides great convenience and time savings but a huge cost savings as well!

Address:     1800 Springhead Church Rd. PO Box 640 Willacoochee, GA 31650
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Phone:    912-534-6071   FAX:  (912) 534-6254


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