Antelco Micro Irrigation: Drippers, Sprays, Sprinklers and Fittings

Antelco specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing top quality, low-volume micro irrigation products for the world market. Antelco offers products that include some of the most innovative drippers, sprays, sprinklers and fittings in the irrigation industry. Antelco was established in 1985 in Murray Bridge South Australia. This was followed in 1989 by Antelco Corporation in Florida USA, to serve the North American market. More recently, Antelco UK Limited was established in Bedfordshire UK, to better meet the needs of the UK and European markets.


The Antelco eZyvalve®4 is a compact valve box with 4 internal solenoid valves that connects to a 24Vac controller. Installation is easy with no internal water connections. The kit includes a non slip lid with o-ring seal, cable seal and wire connectors to make it water, dust and pest resistant.

Applications include landscaped areas, home gardens, greenhouses and nurseries, and it can be installed above or below ground.

This video describes the method of connecting wiring from your controller to the eZyvalve solenoids.

The Antelco Spectrum™ is an adjustable flow, full circle vortex sprayer with fine water droplets. Flow and coverage can be altered by rotating the cap. Various versions are available including a spike version for anchoring the emitter at the plant, a barbed version for direct attachment to feeder and supply lines, a threaded version for installation in Rigid Risers and Asta® Stakes, and a 1/2" threaded version for riser pipe installations.

Applications include pots, tubs, ground cover, landscaped gardens and nurseries. Spectrums can be used to water large garden areas when used with Asta® Stakes and risers.

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