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ProLine -- Heritage Oak Farm

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    Nursery Tree Transplanting Equipment (DIV. OF HERITAGE OAK FARM)
    Moving trees is our specialty, with equipment designed from expert knowledge and actual field experience, and custom designed when you have a particular requirement. This permits us to control and minimize costs at every turn. Our products include: ProLineGRABBER™, ProLineSHOVEL™, ProLineTreeTyer™, ProLinePotPicker™, ProLinePotHandler™, ProLineForques™, ProLineTreeAuger™, ProLineSwingin'GRABBER™.


    Manufacturers of productivy enhancing skid steer attachments for the nursery and landscape trades. Ours were born in the nursery by engineering professionals having landscape backgrounds that understand the demands of the industry. Everything we produce has been field tested and customer endorsed, so one can be confident everything we offer is the very best in the industry. With ProLine skid steer accessories, tree transplanting, tree moving, and landscaping has never more efficient. We provide commercial landscapers, tree farms and nurseries with the equipment you need!

    Address:     7163 W. Guilford Rd. Galena, IL 61036
    Contact:   Blaho, Milan D.
    Phone:    888-288-5308   FAX: 


    The ProLineGRABBER offers the user one-person operation to move trees, load or unload trailers, and planting of trees. Pin-attached accessories to the ends of the arms are interchangeable on all Grabber models for maximum versatility.

    Compared to competition, the ProLineGRABBER is much simpler in concept which leads to simpler, less costly manufacturing processes, lower weight, and longer life.  Importantly, ProLine offers more options for the  nurseryman or landscaper than anyone else in the business.  And, the cost is significantly less both initially and in the long run. 

    Handling containers?  The ProLinePotHandler attaches to the Grabber arms in place of the tubular hand-shaped paddles and handles round pots or square boxes up to 42 inches across.  The four individual segments are lined with a composite rubber surface, hard on the outside but soft on the inside. 

    Need to move multiple trees are a time?  The ProLineFORQUES  are another pin-attached accessory resembling tree tongs or jaws.  What’s unique about our design is its ability to handle different size rootballs at the same time!

    Moving large numbers of pots is time-consuming, especially with larger size pots. Whether transporting eighteen10- gallon pots at a time or one hundred 1-gallon pots the time savings using the ProLinePotForks is incredible!

    Standardized components are used to minimize the cost of manufacture, but the overall width of the unit is fabricated to your specifications. You select

    the number of standard tines you need for your situation.  And, since the mounting bar is custom-built for each order, it can be fitted to any loader or skid steer.  

    Nothing beats the versatility of the ProLinePotForks with their adjustable tine spacing to suit any size or spacing of pots.  Go from the potting shed to the growing field without any hands on the pots.