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Reef Industries: Griffolyn® Greenhouse Covers

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    Griffolyn® greenhouse covers have been performance engineered to be highly resistant to tears and punctures with an exceptional ability to retain strength and flexibility in the most extreme environments. Due to their long-life expectancy, Griffolyn® materials provide significant long-term cost savings offering unmatched life expectancy in almost any environment. Griffolyn® covers are manufactured using a UV stabilizing additive to protect them from UV degradation and help them retain their original properties. The product’s high-strength reinforced construction helps protect against tears often associated with installation. Available for 80%, 20% and 0% light transmission, Griffolyn® can be custom fabricated to meet your exact requirements.

    Since 1957, Reef Industries, Inc. has been manufacturing reinforced polyethylene laminates designed for a wide range of applications. Available in a range of weights, thickness' and special composites, as your plastic film manufacturer, Reef Industries will provide you with the very best technology and quality to protect and prolong the service life of your investments.

    Reef Industries, Inc. offers performance engineered plastic laminates that are highly resistant to tears and punctures with an exceptional ability to withstand extended exposure to adverse weather conditions and contaminates. Our products have excellent chemical resistance and low permeability providing maximum protection. It is not by chance that our products have become the #1 choice among architects and engineers.

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