BioSafe Systems -- AzaGuard Botanical Insecticide/Nematicide

AzaGuard is an organic insecticide that reduces insect pressure and damage to plants and it's botanical chemistry is a critical addition to your Integrated Pest Management plan. The combination of Azadirachtin and the organic surfactants in AzaGuard provides a multiple mode of action formulation that safely controls more than 300 insect species throughout the season. AzaGuard has no mutational resistance and has a long term efficacy on a wide variety of insects, including aphids, mites, whiteflies, thrips, and more. AzaGuard can be used indoors or outdoors and can be tank mixed with compatible chemistries. • Anti--Feedant, Insect Repellant, Insect Growth Regualtor, Ovi--Position Deterrent • Target All Life Stages by Tank Mixing • Immediately Effective on Insect Larvae

Simple Sustainable. Always Effective.
BioSafe Systems, a family-owned manufacturer of biodegradable disease-control products, began selling its flagship product ZeroTol to the horticulture industry in 1998. The company quickly expanded to the agricultural, industrial, and consumer markets with innovative pest control solutions, applications, and products.

The mission of BioSafe Systems is to provide disease control solutions utilizing reduced-risk chemistries that do not negatively impact the health and safety of people and the environment. The Company is headquartered in Connecticut, but provides products and services in North and South America. BioSafe Systems divides its business into several market segments: Agriculture, Horticulture, Post Harvest/Food Safety, Aquatics, Home & Garden, Turf, and Commercial/Industrial Sanitation.

What is BioSecurity?
BioSafe Systems not only strives to manufacture and sell effective algae and disease control products, but also advocates a preventative approach to using these products. BioSecurity is the elimination and prevention of disease pressures in an environment, thereby maintaining a healthy growing area. This is the best way to control losses caused by microbial disease organisms and is the single most effective way to increase profits.

Our products and programs are designed to help you achieve BioSecurity. We hope you will call us to discuss how your own operation can implement BioSecurity practices.

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