Versa Rake

Attachments for Skid Steers, Tractors and Mini Skid
In the early part of 2015, a farmer from Kerrville, Texas, made a request to his son, who happened to be a master welder and owned his own welding shop. This simple request was to create and build an attachment that would remove the rocks from the field he wished to plant. After weeks of planning and design, the Versa Rake was born. Little did they know just how innovative this invention would be. Granted, they were excited about how well the Versa Rake performed removing rocks from the field, but they had no idea the number of other applications it would have. They soon learned that it worked great for cactus removal, material spreading, construction cleanup, and landscaping.

As word spread through the area about this unique invention, it wasn’t long before it captured the attention of a local businessman who immediately invested in it. Soon after, a patent was applied for and granted, and the journey to introduce Versa Rake nationwide would begin. With its rugged design and patented bar removal system, the American-made Versa Rake has proven to be a multi-faceted and durable implement loved by ranchers, landscapers, and construction companies alike. And as the buzz and excitement over the Versa Rake continues to grow, remember that it all began in a small welding shop in Kerrville, Texas, with a simple request from a father to his son.

Address:   1607 Junction Highway Kerrville, TX 78028
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Phone:  (830) 353-7066   FAX: 


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