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Speaker: Nicholas Staddon, Everde Growers

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    My Educational Programs / Sessions @ Nursery/Landscape EXPO

    LA CES CEU Sessions: Healing and Horticulture: An introduction to Horticultural Therapy, including therapeutic gardens and landscapes for health, recovery and well-being
    Wednesday, August 9 -- 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

    Take a candid journey through the history and foundations of horticultural therapy as a field of study and practice. Whether you are well-versed in this growing field or you are curious to know more, gain knowledge during a down-to-earth approach to learn about the pioneers, leaders, advocates, publications and resources of horticultural therapy. Learn tips for in-ground and container plants commonly used in Horticultural Therapy gardens to start you on your own journey. This presentation will leave you inspired with a renewed appreciation of the healing properties of gardens and landscapes. Walk Away from this session knowing more about: 1. A broad introduction into the world of Horticultural Therapy. 2. A basic understanding as to the business opportunities our profession has concerning Horticultural Therapy, as well as the moral obligations we have to engage ourselves in this medium. 3. A listing of plants and ideas to use in your own therapeutic outdoor space, or your designs for others. 4. To gain a better understanding as to the importance plants have, not only on the world we live in, but the people as well. Nicholas Staddon has been working with plant breeders, hybridizers, and professional plant explores for 30 years, scouring the globe for new creations and discoveries in the plant world. Born in England, Staddon received credentials in Agricultural Science from Otley Agricultural College. When he first arrived in the United States, he managed garden centers in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico “…where the vistas will move your heart and the gardening will break it,” he says. Staddon went on to work for Monrovia Nursery for 27 years, 15 of which as the leader of the New Plant program. Staddon resides in California and is working with Everde Growers as their Spokesperson and Plantsman supporting their marketing and new plant introduction programs. He is a sought-after speaker and guest for gardening television and radio shows across the United States. He works closely with professional garden writers, providing information on plants and sharing his views on garden trends and more. Nicholas is proud to be professionally affiliated with the Royal Horticultural Society, California Plant Alliance, and AmericanHort. He is on the Board of Advisors for the Mediterranean Garden Society of Southern California, Climate Ready Landscape Plants, a USDA SCMP Project, and Cal-HIP (California Horticultural Invasives Prevention), which is a voluntary partnership to help gardeners and the horticultural industry to proactively address the problem of invasive plants in the trade. He is also a Regional Director of GardenComm. A community of Garden Writers and Communicators working across the United States providing gardening information and related services.


    Nicholas Staddon, Renowned Plantsman, Everde Growers

    For the last 15 to 20 years, as I have been presenting from one side of the United States to the other, I have seen this groundswell of interest in plants. I’ve met so many people who were gardening — and yes, we need to use the terms “gardening” and “garden,” not “yard work” and “yard.” Let’s call it what it is. I have been fortunate to be connected to the nursery profession for a long time, including six years in the retail and rewholesale side. It has been a blast — the people, the plants the environment. It is the tops.

    Born in England, Staddon attended Otley Agricultural College, dividing his time between farm and school and receiving his accreditations in the Agricultural Sciences. He is professionally affiliated with the Royal Horticulture Society, the California Association of Nurserymen, and AmericanHort. He is an advisor to The Mediterranean Garden Society Southern California, and serves on the board of advisors to Mount San Antonio College, Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences, and Cal-HIP, California Horticultural Invasives Prevention.

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