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2023 Featured Exhibits:  Event Invites, Seasonal Promotions
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Star® Roses & Plants -- The Knock Out® Family of Roses
Introducing all seven members .... The Knock Out® Family of Roses are easy to grow and do not require special care. They are the most disease resistant roses on the market.
The Knock Out® Family of Roses can fit into any landscape!

Pack Manufacturing -- material handling equipment  
We specialize in material handling equipment for all applications. Our core group has over 75 years combined experience in metal fabrication and building material handling equipment.   Featured Product: The Pack Manufacturing Pioneer Filler™ is the Newest Economy Flat and Pot Filling system for all your container growing needs.

Mitchell Ellis Products -- EZ Potter Potting Machine  
The EZ Potter has made potting plants easier. With much more efficient mechanics and an easy-to-use design. Since 1977 Mitchell Ellis has been providing machinery specially developed for the nursery and greenhouse market.

Bountiful Farms -- unique & stunning plant material
Specializing in pot-in pot, B&B grafted ornamentals. Located in the Willamette Valley, Bountiful Farms is your source for grafted ornamentals, unusual plant material, and sculptured plant art forms.

Eason Horticultural Resources -- Consultant, Broker  
Most complete selection of plants & products for the professional grower. EHR serves as a consultant and broker to retail garden center growers, wholesale greenhouse growers, nurserymen, and landscapers.

Ceramo Company -- Pottery for Every Lifestyle.  We feature flower pots and planters from almost 20 different manufacturers located in 8 different countries, and our catalog collections offer one of the largest product selections in the industry. Highlights -- Granite Clay Flower Pots .. Powder Coated Standard Pots & Saucers

Athens Stonecasting -- Manufacturer of Ornamental Concrete
We are proud of our deep commitment to provide a quality product at a competitive price. We offer fast shipping, great service, and a large inventory with over 700 items.
Glazed Pottery Now Available!

Atlas Greenhouse -- Custom Greenhouse Manufacturer
Our facility has > 80,000 square feet of sales, manufacturing and warehouse space under one roof. We manufacture large selection of products for horticulture industry including greenhouses for commercial, retail, educational and hobby growers, plus accessory (bench systems, curtain systems and many others to accommodate your growing needs).

Bamboo Supply -- Stakes, Poles, Fencing and more!
Whether you're looking to decorate your home interior, your garden or patio, or want to give your yard an amazing effect with a beautiful bamboo gazebo, we have more than enough to far exceed your expectations.

BioSafe Systems -- Simply Sustainable, Always Effective.
BioSafe Systems not only strives to manufacture and sell effective algae and disease control products, but also advocates a preventative approach to using these products. BioSecurity is the elimination and prevention of disease pressures in an environment, thereby maintaining a healthy growing area.

Bobbex -- All Natural, Effective, Safe Deer & Animal Repellents
Bobbex repellents are chemical free-fertilizer. Bobbex offers a wide range of solutions for your pest problems. And all of our products are environmentally friendly, meaning no guilt, no damage and no pests.

Casa Flora -- Your One Stop Fern Source
Casa Flora, Inc. is a world-leading producer of ferns and heuchera based in Dallas, Texas, with additional facilities in Florida and China. Casa Flora produces both new and familiar varieties of ferns and other plants.

Corteva Agriscience -- Future of Turf, flexible weed control
Seasonal changes, water needs, temperature or location: Keeping turf free of weeds, insects and disease is a constant battle. Corteva Agriscience™ is committed to finding solutions to make turf and ornamentals beautiful.

Dave Wilson Nursery -- Growing Fruit, Nut, & Shade Trees
Our company has grown to become one of the largest growers of deciduous fruit, nut and shade trees in the United States. Our growing grounds are located east of Modesto in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

DeVroomen -- Wholesale Supplier of Bulbs and Perennials
DeVroomen Garden Products, a family tradition of quality, service and value since 1925, is a premiere wholesale supplier of spring and summer flowering bulbs along with bare root and plug perennial products.

Emerald Coast Growers -- 30+ acres grass liners
Emerald Coast is among the industry's largest and best-known suppliers of ornamental grass liners to American growers. We are proud to celebrate three decades of success in horticulture. 30-plus acres of field crops for grass divisions.

ForemostCo -- Consistent Quality, Exceptional Service
ForemostCo continues to redefine and globalize international production of starter material by mastering delivery of consistent quality product, providing exceptional service, and developing large numbers of innovative proprietary varieties.

Garden Marketing Group -- Grower Tags, Brochures
Our goal is to help you sell more plants! Utilizing Grower Tags, POP, Poster, Brochures, etc. we will help create the image to make your company successful. Contact us today to start a program to make your Season more successful. A trusted name in Horticultural Industry.

Jaderloon -- The Greenhouse Company of South Carolina
The Greenhouse Company is one of the largest manufacturers of greenhouses in North America. The Greenhouse Company manufactures quality Jaderloon™ greenhouses that range from 12 feet in width to 42 feet wide.

Griffin Supplies -- Working with the grower since 1947
End-to-end solutions are our specialty. We represent industry’s leading breeders and producers, spanning seed and vegetative, bedding and potted crops, ornamentals and edibles. Our grower supplies offer includes reliable inputs and equipment to help your crops thrive through all production stages. Finally, our quality retail products drive add-on sales for you.

Haifa Group -- Pioneering The Future
Haifa is a global leading supplier of Potassium Nitrate, Specialty Plant Nutrients and Industrial Chemicals. Renowned for its pioneering spirit and innovative solutions, Haifa is finely attuned to market trends and customer needs.

Haviland Plastics -- Containers Engineered for Strength
Haviland Plastic Products has been producing nursery containers for the horticulture industry. Today we produce a full line from Trade #1 to the #300 in both thermoformed and blow molded, including full line of squats from 8” to #200.

Hawaiian Moon -- Aloe Vara Skin Cream
Hawaiian Moon Aloe skin cream uses 100% organic Berbandesis aloe, one of the highest grades of aloe around. The cream is 98.5% natural and over 72% organic. We are very proud to be able to offer you such a high quality product.

ICL Fertilizers -- Israeli Chemicals Ltd. (ICL)
One of world’s leading fertilizer and specialty chemicals companies. The sixth largest potash producer and a third of the world’s bromine, plus the industry’s most vertically integrated provider of specialty phosphates.

McHutchison -- Horticultural Distributor Since 1902
McHutchison makes horticultural "one stop shopping" a reality, providing online access to geraniums, bulbs, foliage, perennials, plugs, poinsettias, pot crop, spring plants, nursery and supplies. No matter what horticultural product you need, McHutchison can provide it!

OHP -- Partners with Solutions
OHP Inc, originally Olympic Horticultural Products, was founded with goal of becoming the leading provider of technology based pesticide solutions for greenhouse and nursery production markets.

R Plants Nursery -- Committed to Service, Quality, Affordability
We operate on 100 plus acres at seven different locations. We grow 200 varieties of tropical shrubs, natives, palms and grasses. We have our own fleet of trucks for daily deliveries throughout the state of Florida.

Riceland Foods -- Feeding the world for over 90 years
Riceland is a unique company. We're a cooperative, which means we are owned by our 5,500 family farmer members who are also our stockholders and growers.

Rootmaker -- THE ORGINAL Root Pruning Container System
Our root pruning containers create fibrous root systems using Air (RootMaker, RootBuilder plastic pots), Constriction (Knit fabric tree bags), or Trapping (RootTrapper) from propagation to large trees.

Stuppy Greenhouse -- Bringing Structure to a Natural World
GREENHOUSE DESIGN, MANUFACTURING AND CONSTRUCTION --- We approach each project with the perspective that we need to offer the customer more than covering, steel and aluminum.

United Greenhouse Systems -- Quality & Value Since 1986
Our roll-formed structures allow us to manufacture superior strength greenhouses and also feature built-in condensation removal channels. Paired with our wide variety of greenhouse structures, coverings, equipment, and accessories ... United Greenhouse Systems has the capabilities to meet and exceed your greenhouse expectations.

Zenport Industries -- Horticulture Tools & Supplies
Zenport Industries is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and marketing of professional and consumer specialty horticulture tools and supplies for the lawn and garden, landscape, irrigation and agriculture markets.

East Jordan Plastics -- Trays, Pots, Containers
We manufacture thermoform Round & Square pots, inserts, market paks, plug & liner trays ... plus injection-molded Round & Square pots, decorative hanging baskets, bowls, planters.
EXPO HIGHLIGHTS: Stadium Pots and Trays

Cherokee Manufacturing -- wire products
Since 1940 --- WIRE TREE BASKETS, NURSERY SUPPLIES, EROSION CONTROL. Cherokee Manufacturing has been producing wire products since 1986. Our experience and successful history provide our customers peace of mind.

Vermeer -- Landscaping, Tree Care Equipment
Vermeer puts power into your landscape jobs. Outfit your crew with Vermeer chippers, tree spades, stump grinders and skid steers. Add a trencher or plow for quick installations.

NYP Corporation -- Wholesale Nursery Supplies
Burlap, polypropylene, sandbags, twine. NYP has proudly served industrial, agricultural, and horticultural industries as well as government agencies with burlap and other custom textile bags and packaging fabrics since 1946.