Manufactures of Soil and Plant Nutrition Products  
AMCoT Nutritionals™ are designed to support and improve soil health organically and promote strong plant growth by developing the soil food web. Our objective is to design products that provide a foundation of nutritional components that support the growth of soil microorganisms and build soil health. These organic blends are varied to fit the requirements for which the product is labeled. They are then modified with traditional plant nutritional components to meet the Guaranteed Analysis. These includes vegetable protein hydrolysate, humic and fulvic acids, kelp and other organics. When provided throughout the growing season, these natural products provide an additional nutritional input to soil microorganisms thus allowing the plant to use the energy produced by photosynthesis to be directed to plant growth.

Vegetable protein hydrolysate provides a source of over 21 different amino acids. Humic acid help build a recalcitrant pool of carbon to support long-term needs for both microorganisms and plants. Fulvic acid provides a liable carbon pool providing a short term carbon source to soil microbes. Kelp and other organics provide an excellent blend of trace minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, growth regulators, and amino acids all contributing to growth. These plant based products help provide a natural way to implement the symbiotic relationship between the soil microbes and the plant. It is this relationship, between the plant and the soil in which it grows, that is known as soil health.

The natural components in AMCoT Nutritional’s™ provide and excellent way of providing consistent nutrition to the soil web. Having a consistent feeding program is preferable to one which focus on feeding once or twice a year.

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