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Speakers: Mark and Laurie Mann, Owners

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    NEW to 2022 – Show Floor Education Demos @ EXPO'22

    Date / Time:  Thursday, August 11, 1:20 pm - 1:50 pm
    Session Title:   Special Events Theater Demo: Improving the Biology of Soils and the Resiliency of Trees with Biochar
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    FREE DEMO TO ATTEND, BADGE REQUIRED The connection between soils and tree health is fundamental. The health of urban trees is measured by their resiliency to varying degrees in stress within their environment. Therefore, improving the soil should be as much a part of PHC services as other treatments are. Biochar improves soil characteristics (such as CEC and compaction) and increases soil biology (such as fungi and bacteria). Results of the tree's ability to recover from specific urban stresses will be shared.


    Mark and Laurie Mann, Owners, American BioChar Company
    For over 30 years, Mark & Laurie Mann, owners of Plant Growth Management Systems and American BioChar Company, have been researching and developing programs and products to improve soils, root conditions and plant growth in both urban and rural landscapes. Since graduating from Purdue University with expertise in Forestry and Agronomy, Mark has been involved in establishing urban tree protocols, arborist equipment, paclobutrazol use and affects and in particular, urban soil improvements. Mark is regularly sought after as a presenter and educator and has consulted to over 400 companies and utilities in green maintenance programs Laurie graduated from Indiana University and taught Chemistry and Biology for over a decade. Laurie has presented Arborist Workshops to various audiences, maintains a blog and has been published in various arborist magazines, presented Webinars on TGRs, Soil Sciences and Biochar Applications, and spear-headed the design for the comprehensive Slide Chart for TGR Rates.

    American BioChar ... VITAL Blend Improves Soil Health And Structure.
    A blended soil amendment that combines pure activated BioChar with freshwater-sourced Humate. Perfect by itself or as a foundation for mixing with other products to improve plant growth. Easy to apply and applicators can use 40-60% less than other products; saving time, effort & money. VITAL Blend adds fixed Carbon from the biochar and active Carbon from the humate to the soil. Additionally plants receive 55+ micronutrients and high concentrations of Humic and Fulvic acids.

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