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Bamboo Supply Company @ Nursery / Landscape EXPO

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    Stakes, Poles, Fencing and more!  
    We believe in Bamboo as an ecological building material. The shape, high resistance to tension, compression, flexion, transport manageability, and anti seismic properties, make this the future demand for a harvestable, replaceable and natural building material. Whether you're looking to decorate your home interior, your garden or patio, or want to give your yard an amazing effect with a beautiful bamboo gazebo, we have more than enough to far exceed your expectations.

    Address:     PO Box 5433 Lakeland, FL 33807
    Email:     Contact:   Ron Reycraft
    Phone:    800-568-9087   FAX:  866-211-6131


    Bamboo Supply has been in the bamboo business for 21 years. We specialize in bamboo stakes and decorative bamboo poles and accessories. All our bamboo comes from China. We have stocked warehouses in Lakeland, FL and Benicia, CA. We take pride in our customer service. We ship everyday by the cheapest methods to get your product delivered quickly. We are open M-F 8 to 4. closed on weekends. If you are local and would like to come to visit one of our warehouses to see the product please do. However because we are not a retail location we ask that you please call us at our 800 number in advance. We also accept all major credit cards for your convenience.


    Lakeland Florida
    3912 Holden Rd. Lakeland, FL 33811
    For Mapquest Directions "click here"

    Benicia California
    635 Indiana St. Benicia, CA 94510
    For Mapquest Directions "click here"

    Payments Accepted

    We accept all major credit cards for payment, VISA, MC, AMEX, DISCOVER, and PayPal. No C.O.D's

    We will accept Money Orders mailed with all charges. You must call to get the shipping charges. We will ship on receipt of money orders.


    We ship the least expensive way using Fedex Ground as our small package carrier. All bamboo under 8' in length can be shipped using Fedex Ground up to a maximum of 130” combined length and girth. We charge Fedex rates for shipping. We do not charge a handling charge. Items over 8' in length must ship by Common Carrier. The minimum charges for this service is at least $70.00 but can be as much as $105.00 depending on where we are shipping and if residential or business. Common Carrier charges do not include inside deliveries, just to dock, door or curbside.

    How our Bamboo is sold

    We sell all our smaller diameters up to 1.25” in full bales quantities. We don't break bales smaller than this for shipping. All bamboo over 1.5” can be sold and shipped by the piece. All the larger diameters cannot be shipped Fedex Ground unless we cut them down to 8' or less.


    We try our very best to ship you exactly what you expect. See frequently asked questions about bamboo. We only accept returns if we are at fault in shipping the wrong product. We will pay to have it shipped back or at our discretion we will allow you to keep the product and refund your invoice amount. If you order it and it's not what you expected, then you can return it at your cost and once we receive the items back, we will refund your money for the product cost only. (You would be responsible for the shipping charges both ways.  If the order is shipped free freight there is still a shipping cost that will not be refunded. We will advise you what that will be.)  We don't accept returns for any bamboo that has been cut or split by us.

    Damaged Items

    Bamboo is not likely to be damaged in transit since it is a very tough product. (cracks are the exception). But in the case of a damaged item caused by the carrier, we will upon proof of damage resend the order out to you at no extra charge. If the item is delivered by common carrier and you can see that it has damages, then you MUST sign their delivery ticket as damaged. This is our only recourse with the carriers to file a claim.

    Cutting and Splitting Bamboo

    We will cut any bamboo that we sell by the piece. We charge .25 per cut. We will split only Moso bamboo over 3” in diameter. We charge $2.00 per split.


    It happens that we do run out of stock. Because this product is imported it takes a while to receive it. We will advise you at the time of order if the product is available to be shipped or out of stock.

    What is Tonkin Bamboo?

    Tonkin Bamboo is the common name for the bamboo that is primary bamboo stake for staking plants around the world. It is characterized by a thick wall and smooth nodes. The stakes are fairly straight and tan in color(color can vary slightly from pole to pole) and the nodes are fairly far apart. It tapers slightly from top to bottom(not uniform in diameter top to bottom). It only grows to a maximum diameter of about 2”. It is the ideal stake for staking plants although is has many other non agriculture or horticulture related uses. It is used in our fences. Bamboo is a natural product, no two pieces are exactly the same.

    What is Moso Bamboo?

    Moso Bamboo is characterized by it's thickness, minimum diameter is 2” and maximum diameter is 6”. It has a fairly thick wall. It is fairly straight (that doesn't mean perfectly straight) although it may have some slight bends to it. The nodes are closer together and more pronounced than Tonkin Bamboo. It is very strong and you cannot bend anything over 2” easily. It can be split in half. No two pieces are the same! The color is tan but the color may vary from pole to pole. The taper varies for pole to pole. It will have some scratches on the pole. At the nodes there is a thin membrane that sections off the bamboo. It is hollow between the nodes. Moso bamboo is the primary bamboo for making bamboo flooring.

    Why Use Bamboo?

    First, bamboo is not wood. It is actually a grass but it has unique properties unlike wood.

    It is the only natural renewable “wood” resource in the world. It is a “green” material.

    Since bamboo is a grass you do not kill the plant when it's cut. Like grass it grows back on the same stem. Tonkin bamboo can be harvested every three years and it grows up to 40-60' during that time. Moso bamboo is a little slower growing but it can be harvested every 5 years. Protect the earths trees, use bamboo! Besides all that is is the world's most versatile wood product. It is used in hundred of different uses from decorative to structural building to flooring to household items to scaffolding.

    Will Bamboo crack?

    Yes, more than likely it will crack. Almost guaranteed to crack over time. If the bamboo is split there is a much less likely chance that it will crack. Poles under ¾” are less likely to crack than poles larger than that in diameter. We do not guarantee against cracks ! We cannot guarantee that it won't crack in transit. It you are needing a crack free pole, then we cannot ship that to you. It may not have cracks when we ship it but it may develop them in transit or after receiving the item. Most crack are hairline splits although sometimes there will be larger cracks that split the bamboo open. We try and pick nice poles when you order though. We don't ship poles that we would not use ourselves and we take pride in selecting good poles to ship.

    Can you bend Bamboo?

    You can bend smaller diameters up to 1” but you cannot get it to hold in that position. It will snap back straight once release of pressure to bend it. You cannot boil it to make it flexible or heat it with a flame to make it bend. It just won't bend and stay that way.

    Is the Bamboo dried?

    Yes, the bamboo has been dried. All the stems and leaves are cut off. The color is tan. We don't have naturally green bamboo.

    Will Bamboo have bugs?

    All our bamboo comes from China and is fumigated in China before export and then again when it reaches the U.S. Although we cannot guarantee 100% that your bamboo will not have bugs it is extremely unlikely. If it did have a bug, it would be the kind of bug that would only eat bamboo and not other woods.

    Is Bamboo hollow?

    Bamboo is hollow between the nodes. Bamboo under ½” is hollow but filled with a pith like substance and the hole inside is very tiny. There is a thin membrane that grows across the bamboo at the nodes but this can be knocked out if you wish with a thin pole or pipe or anything else you can get into the hole.

    Is Bamboo easy to cut and split?

    Bamboo is fairly easy to cut. We recommend that you use a fine tooth blade for cutting to reduce fraying of the end where it's cut. You can split bamboo. Bamboo over 2” is much easier to split than smaller diameter bamboo. Normally bamboo will split very straight on the split from top to bottom. We recommend that you ask us to split poles over 3” in diameter since the wood is fairly thick and a lot tough for you to split with standard tools..