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BioSafe Systems -- Professional Grower Showcase @ Nursery/Landscape EXPO

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    BioSafe Systems’ organic, sustainable and effective products are uniquely balanced alternatives to harsh and toxic chemicals. For over 15 years our growers have seen our products successfully enhance their plants’ health, quality and overall appearance. From propagation to finished crops, our chemistry provides the horticulture industry with solutions that prevent outbreaks of plant pathogens that can cause losses in greenhouse crops. Leading the way in peroxycompound chemistries for greenhouse and nursery crop protection, water treatment and cleaning and sanitation practices, BioSafe Systems offers a complete line of products that are EPA registered, USDA NOP compliant, OMRI listed and effectively help growers to control plant pathogens and insects in your greenhouse or nursery.

    AXXE Broad Spectrum Herbicide is an organic, non-selective herbicide that provides rapid burn down to a variety of grasses and weeds within hours of application. The Ammonium Nonanoate in AXXE melts the cell structure within the plant causing weeds to collapse and die. This powerful herbicide is formulated to biodegrade quickly, leaving no harmful residue behind.


    Broad Spectrum Herbicide

    Foliar / Injection
    Insecticide / Nematicide

    Soil pH
    Liquid Lime


    Moss / Algae / Liverwort

    Beneficial Soil Inoculant



    P. Allen Smith shows how easy it is to use BioSafe's OxiDate & BioSafe's AzaGuard as preventative treatments for your flower, fruit, & vegetable gardens.

    Foaming with BioSafe Systems products is a safer and more efficient way to clean and treat your greenhouse surfaces and crops. See the difference in coverage when foaming products like SaniDate 5.0 or AzaGuard and learn about all the great benefits of foaming.

    Grower Profile:
    Saxon Becnel and Sons, a family-owned company with 160 years experience, is growing the most premium citrus trees within the industry; over 25 varieties and 1 million trees. Ricky Becnel shares his story on how important it is to stay healthy, strong and clean. He has been using BioSafe Systems products for over 15 years and depends on ZeroTol®.