Speaker: Curt Hummil, CH Products LLC

Educational Programs @ Nursery/Landscape EXPO'22

Date / Time:  Thursday, August 11, 11:00 am - 11:30 am .... Friday, August 12, 11:00 am - 11:30 am
Session Title:   Product Demo Area: CH Products LLC’s No-Touch Tree Staking System, Don’t Scar the Trunk!
Education CEUs:  TNLA: 5

Join us in the product demo area near the TNLA Booth for CH Products LLC's No-Touch Tree Staking System, Don't Scar the Trunk!


CH Products LLC: The 360˚ Tree Stabilizer: a no touch tree support system  
The traditional way of staking a tree, featuring a metal T-post and wire, are ugly, unsafe, hard to trim around, time consuming to install, and VERY hard to remove. So in 2014, in search of a better way of staking a tree, the 360˚ Tree Stabilizer was born and in 2020 the patent application was submitted. Up to now there has never been a “Best Practice” for staking a tree. I believe that I now offer that “Best Practice” with the 360˚ Tree Stabilizer!

CH Products officially started 12-20-20. When our founder had issues with the traditional ways of staking a tree, the metal T-post that the neighborhood home builder was using was ugly, unsafe, hard to trim around and VERY hard to remove. So in search of a better way of staking a tree, the 360˚ Tree Stabilizer, was born! In 2014 CH Products filed for the patent for the 360˚ Tree Stabilizer. Unfortunately that patent process was not completed until 2020. In August of 2020, founder Curt Hummel connected with a man tasked with planting and stabilizing 9,000 trees. After demonstrating the 360˚ tree stake for him he asked how quickly 2,000 of each size. And the rest is history!

360˚ Tree Stabilizer - Patent Pending U.S. Design Application No. 29/773,563 U.S. Utility Patent Application No. 14/528,428

Address:   Cypress, TX
Email:  info@chproductsllc.com
Phone:  281-256-1322   FAX: 


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