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Emerald Coast Growers @ Nursery / Landscape EXPO

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    30-plus acres of field crops for grass divisions.  
    Emerald Coast is among the industry's largest and best-known suppliers of ornamental grass liners to American growers. We are proud to celebrate three decades of success in horticulture. What sets us apart -- We scrupulously screen and select for unsurpassed quality and consistency throughout each liner tray. Count on reliable timing, well-established plants, and an exceptional finish with Emerald Coast.

    Founded in 1991, Emerald Coast Growers rapidly became a frontrunner in propagating ornamental grasses. While maintaining that leadership, we have also established ourselves as a respected liner producer of perennials and specialty annuals.

    Address:     PO Box 10886 Pensacola, FL 32524
    Contact:   Paul Babikow
    Phone:    850-944-0808   FAX:  866-822-5478