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Lambert: EcoPeatPlus+ (Wood Fiber) – Grower Friendly!

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    EcoPeatPlus+ is exclusive to the Lambert Peat Moss Company
    In addition of our regular product line, Lambert Peat Moss also offers commercial growers its exclusive EcoPeatPlus+, a highly fibrous natural wood fiber collected from our peat bogs. Depending on the characteristics you’re looking for, choose from our EcoPeatPlus+ as a stand-alone product or from our complete line of ready-to-use EcoPeat Mixes (EPM). If you want exceptional balance of air space and water retention capacity, with superior structure longevity and minimal shrinkage, EPM mixes will be the best products to look for. 

    What is EcoPeatPlus+?
    It is a highly fibrous “natural wood” fiber, collected from our peat bogs and specially processed at our facilities.
    •  EcoPeatPlus+ consists of small sticks, chunks of peat and strands of fibers.
    •  EcoPeatPlus+ is used as a natural aggregate in a mix and provides excellent aeration and moisture holding properties.
    •  EcoPeatPlus+ is a naturally occurring product of a peat bog that is used to produce mixes with exceptional air-water relationship.
    •  The utilization of  EcoPeatPlus+ is a sustainable practice that prolongs the longevity of a peat bog and the environment.

     EcoPeatPlus+ used as a stand-alone product:
    • Applied as top dressing on large pots: 
               – Repels feeding birds 
               – Excellent weed barrier 
               – Retains moisture, so less irrigation needed
    • Improves on site blends prepared by nurserymen
    • Easy to apply as a mulch in landscaping
    • Naturally decorative (natural wood color)
    • Sustainable and eco friendly

    EcoPeatPlus+ blended with our premium sphagnum peat moss:
    Lambert Professional EPM Line is blended with Premium Canadian sphagnum peat moss with EcoPeatPlus+ and can also include a different percentage of perlite to complete the fine-tuning of your mix. The well balanced amount of EcoPeatlus+ provides higher drainage and porosity. Choose from Lambert Peat Moss various EPM Mixes for your professional growing needs.
    Lambert EPM professional products: 
              • EPM 20 – All Purpose Mix
              • EPM 25 – All Purpose Organic Mix (OMRI Listed)
              • EPM 30 – All Purpose Mix
              • EPM 40 – High Porosity Mix
              • EPM 50 – High Porosity Mix
                The different formulations are suitable either for interior or exterior production.
               “Grower Friendly! Very Forgiving Mixes!”

    NEW PRODUCT with EcoPeatPlus+

    The Nursery Mix – High Porosity
    Lambert is proud to announce a new product in its professional Custom Blend line!  The Nursery Mix is an excellent alternative to the common bulk products available on the market. This coarse mix is prefect for your trees & shrubs production in large containers, 3 gallons and wider. The structure of this mix allows excellent drainage of the excess water but keeps an appropriate water retenetion in the same time. The perfect ratio! Because of the components, you will experience a very minimal shrinkage of the media in the container and packaging will assure you to receive the exact amount of material you pay for!

    Lambert Peat Moss Inc., founded in 1928, is one of the true Pioneers in the developing the Peat Moss industry in North America. With the fourth generation of Lamberts, still operating from the original location at Riviere-Ouelle, Quebec, along the south shore of the St. Lawrence river, they have expanded to several other bogs along the North shore and near Lake St. John. Starting with the original product line of screened and bagged Peat Moss they now offer numerous lines of Professional Growing Mixes and retail Potting Mixes as well as select types of premium Peat Moss.

    Today, Lambert supplies both the amateur and professional growers alike. A nationally based distribution network and strong individual product representation is always bringing new products to the trade. Based on their strong quality control, technical support and industry knowledge, Lambert gives their customers confidence that our product will serve their needs ... Service with the ability to supply product on time. One of the secrets to Lambert's Success is their ability to quickly adapt to the customers requests ... this devotion to meeting the customers needs comes from the Lambert Family and their staff and has been repaid back to them with 80 years of success and respect from the industry.