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East Jordan Plastics: Stadium Pots and Trays

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    Stadium Pots and Trays

    Innovative space saving pot and tray design for your growing facility and at retail

    Stadium Pots-The Best Seat in Horticulture!
    Uniquely designed in a shape similar to a sports stadium, the Stadium pots can be printed on the round side to best represent your brand and allows easy application of labels or inserting locking tags on the flat side. The pots fit one of 2 ways in the trays to allow orientation. The most notable quality of the Stadium family of containers is space savings: both in growing facility and at retail
    • Improved space utilization in greenhouse/field production, on shipping racks, and at retail
    • Flat sides are ideally suited for label application
    • Tag slots oriented (in trays) for easy insertion
    • Containers can be printed on curved sides
    • All black containers and trays produced with close to 100% recycled materials
    • Offering includes 1 Pint, 1.5 Pint, and 2.0 Quart size containers

    The Responsible Choice for Horticultural Containers
    East Jordan Plastics, Inc is a horticultural plastic container manufacturer and a family owned business for over 70 years. We are based in MI and have 3 manufacturing plants including a plastic recycling facility. We manufacture thermoform Round & Square pots, inserts, market paks, and plug & liner trays. We also manufacture injection-molded Round & Square pots and decorative hanging baskets, bowls, and planters. Our Project 100% closed loop recycling program recaptures 15 Million pounds of scrap plastic a year from our customers, which we use to manufacture new containers.

    Address:     6400 M-32 Highway East Jordan, MI 49727
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    Phone:    231-675-4533   FAX:  717-581-0569


    Plastic Recycling - Our Commitment to Horticulture

    East Jordan Plastics has been committed to plastic recycling since the early 60’s when we first began thermoforming plastic flats and plant inserts. Even then we realized the importance of plastic recycling. Today EJP has engineered and implemented a “closed loop” plastic recycling process that uses proven plastic recycling technology and that ensures maximum energy efficiency, and ultimately the highest quality recycled plastic products.

    The first plastics processing line of our 130,000 square foot facility in South Haven, Michigan has the capacity to recycle over 10 million pounds of plastic material annually. Other plastic recycling lines will be added as needed. At EJP we strongly believe that the best way to achieve sustainability is to recycle plastics, and reuse all of the plastic plant containers we manufacture. With this in mind, it is our position that the most sustainable growing container is a growing container made from recycled plastic.  

    We call our initiative Project 100%, and our goal is to spearhead a regional effort to ensure that all of the plastic used in making horticultural plant containers is recycled. It’s a lofty goal, we know, but we feel it’s the right thing to do– for both our industry and our planet.

    Plastic Plant Container Recycling

    There are many benefits to recycling:

    • Recycled plastic plant containers can recover upwards of 60% of the energy put into processing the product initially.
    • The recycling “closed loop” for plastic plant containers is repeated each time the plastic material is recycled with significant energy recovery gains.
    • Recycled horticultural containers avoid landfills and are returned directly to the growing container manufacturing stream.
    • Recycling reduces waste removal fees by keeping growing containers out of dumpsters and landfills.
    • Recycling enhances the growing container industry’s public image as a wise steward of the environment by reusing sustainable plastic growing containers.
    • Recycling creates opportunities for most plastic containers to be reused.
    • Recycling increases retail foot traffic as consumers return their plastic plant containers to garden centers.
    • Recycling achieves a better sustainable footprint due to trash reduction.

    East Jordan Plastics has served the horticultural industry for more than 70 years.

    Beginning in 1947 with wooden flats to today’s comprehensive line of plastic thermoformed plant containers, East Jordan Plastics remains committed to the only industry it has ever served.

    This privately held business has been in the Diller family for more than three generations.

    Throughout the years, the Diller’s have grown EJP through hard work, superior customer service, quality products with competitive pricing, and a loyal customer base.

    • Personalized Service
    • Leading-edge thermoforming technology
    • Unique solutions in plastic growing containers & packaging
    • On-time delivery through our own fleet of trucks
    • Long-term financial stability 

    From out-of-the-box to completely custom orders, we’re ready to serve you.

    Our wide selection of growing pots, plug and propagation trays, plant flats and inserts is augmented by our ability to customize orders. New colors, different venting designs, thinking outside the box, plant tray or growing pot… we’re happy to work with you.

    Put it all together, and you have a company that can function as a truly outstanding business partner; a company connected to its customers by insight, innovation, and performance.

    Leadership Team

    For more information, please contact us at 1-800-353-1190 or send us a message.

    • Cal Diller

      Cal Diller


    • Scott Diller

      Scott Diller


    • Matt Diller

      Matt Diller

      Operations Manager - Beaverton

    • Nathan Diller

      Nathan Diller

      Operations/Recycling Manager - South Haven

    • Katie Doran

      Katie (Diller) Doran

      Human Resources Manager

    • Tracy Asposito

      Tracy Asposito

      Senior Accountant

    • Jeff Cunkle

      Jeff Cunkle

      Plant Manager - East Jordan

    • Shawn DeYoung

      Shawn DeYoung

      Plant Manager - South Haven

    • Adam Friedrich

      Adam Friedrich

      Logistics Manager

    • Gary Gurizzian

      Gary Gurizzian


    • Angela Krecke

      Angela Krecke

      Customer Service Manager

    • Mark Lercel

      Mark Lercel

      Senior Engineer

    • Mike Nauta

      Michael Nauta

      Director of Sales & Marketing

      Cell: 315-576-6639

    • Joe Rebec

      Joe Rebec

      Operations Manager - East Jordan

    • Dave Smith

      Dave Smith

      IT Manager

    • John Spyhalski

      John Spyhalski


    • Roland Yarbrough

      Roland Yarbrough

      Plant Manager - Beaverton

    Sales & Customer Service Team

    Our Sales & Customer Service Team at East Jordan Plastics is comprised of a talented set of individuals who are driven, knowledgeable, and diversified with a passion to bring you innovative, green friendly products.

    For more information, please contact your Territory Sales Manager, or contact us at 1-800-353-1190 or send us a message.

    • Bret Sulaver

      Bret Sulaver

      Strategic Account Manager

      Cell: 815-762-0308

    • Chris Rodriguez

      Chris Rodriguez

      Western Region Territory Manager

      Cell: 231-497-8750

    • Frank Macrina

      Frank Macrina

      Regional Business Development Manager

      Office: 717-617-2554
      Cell: 231-675-4533
      Fax: 866-743-0372

    • Jeff Rusch

      Jeff Rusch

      Sales Manager - Midwest Region

      Cell: 231-675-7989

    • Kenny Gill

      Kenny Gill

      Sales Manager - South and Central Texas Region

      Office: 903-570-2895

    • Kristi McClelland

      Kristi McClelland

      Sales Manager - Western Michigan

      Office: 269-544-4866
      Cell: 269-998-7383
      Fax: 866-735-9916

    • Stephen Dick

      Stephen Dick

      Sales Manager - Northeast Region

      Cell: 717-586-1752
      Fax: 231-536-6704

    • Tim Vaandering

      Tim Vaandering

      Canadian Territory Manager

      Cell: 519-757-7742

    • Wayne Bagwell

      Wayne Bagwell

      Sales Manager - Southeast Region

      Office: 770-363-6821
      Cell: 404-402-9882
      Fax: 770-575-2027

    • Angela Krecke

      Angela Krecke

      Customer Service Manager

      Office: 800-353-1190

    • Lisa Ernst

      Lisa Ernst

      Customer Service

      Office: 800-353-1190

    • Jessica Meredith

      Jessica Meredith

      Label - Plate Proofing Coordinator / Customer Service

      Office: 800-353-1190

    • Krista Raymond

      Krista Raymond

      Customer Service

      Office: 800-353-1190

    • Katherine Johnson

      Katherine Johnson

      Customer Service

      Office: 800-353-1190