RutGuard™ | Using Less to Strengthen More
RutGuard™ is the solution for erosion and base reinforcement that stops rutting. It is an expandable, plastic panel that adds structure to your sand and aggregates. Once expanded, the panels reveal individual openings that confine and strengthen the material placed inside of it. You're not only adding structure to the material inside, but significantly reducing the amount of material needed. With 3x the strength of gravel and 5x the strength of sand, you're using less to strengthen more.

Still Stuck in a Rut? Here's a practical example: Imagine filling a bucket of sand and pouring it onto the ground. When you step on top of the sand pile, the material displaces under your foot. Now, take that same bucket of sand but don't pour it out and stand on top of it. The sand now supports your weight because teh bucket is holding the sand in place. That is what RutGuard™ is doing but on a larger scale.

RutGuard™ Benefits & Applications:

  • Reinforces Foundation
  • Supports Drainage / Controls Erosion
  • Less Material Needed / Reuse Onsite Material
  • Simple to Install - Ready to Use

Trails | Paths | Patios | Driveways | Unpaved Roads | Parking | Industrial Applications

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