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Speaker: Kevin Long, Sales Representative

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    My Show Floor Education Demos @ Nursery/Landscape EXPO

    Demo: Propagation Station – Building Greenhouse Substrates
    Friday, August 11 -- 11:10 AM - 11:50 AM

    Discover the different options available in substrates and learn which will work best for your operations. Located in Hall 2 near the TNLA PAC Lounge.


    Kevin Long, Sales Representative at Berger Peat Moss  
    Sales Representative | New Mexico, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and South & West Texas

    Berger -- Mastering the Craft of Growing Media.
    Berger is a worldwide leader in the production of first-quality growing media. For over 50 years, Berger’s team of specialists uses a client-focused approach that meets the specific needs of its customers’ crops. For professional growers, that means consistent growth, predictable results, reliable supply, and moreover, a trustworthy technical support. From start to plant, how you grow matters as much as what you grow.



    Address: 121 1e Rang St. Modeste, QC G0L 3W0
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    Phone: 418-862-4462    FAX: 418-867-3929