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Speaker: Dr. Julie A Howe, Professor of Soil Science

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    My Educational Programs / Sessions @ Nursery/Landscape EXPO

    TDA CEU Session: Plant Nutrition and Fertilizers
    Wednesday, August 9 -- 3:50 PM - 4:50 PM

    Gain a better understanding of the soil conditions and fertilizers needed for more effective plant nutrition. Dr. Julie Howe is a a professor of Soil Science at Texas A&M University.


    Dr. Julie A Howe, Professor of Soil Science at Texas A&M Department of Soil and Crop Sciences  
    Research -- The main focus of my research program is to better understand the impact of soil management practices on the fate and transformations of nutrients and carbon in the soil and water. My goal is improve nutrient cycling and carbon storage in soils through better land management that is economically viable and environmentally responsible. Understanding transformations of nutrients and carbon in an agroecosystem is an important aspect of the research goal.

    Texas A&M - Agriculture & Life Sciences - Department of Soil and Crop Sciences  
    The Soil and Crop Sciences Department is one of the largest such departments in the nation and is preeminent throughout the world. Our world-famous faculty has a presence in every county in Texas. Working in partnership with Texas A&M AgriLife Research and the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, their goal is to conduct research through trials and experimentation and then transfer that new knowledge to the public.

    We offer Bachelor of Science degrees in Plant and Environmental Soil Science and Turfgrass Science. Students can earn a Master of Science and a doctorate in agronomy, Food Science and Technology, Genetics, Molecular and Environmental Plant Sciences, Plant Breeding, and Soil Science. Most of our undergraduates are from Texas, but students represent some 20 different countries in addition to the United States.

    Our Mission:
    The mission of the Soil & Crop Sciences department is to promote the wise use, management, and stewardship of soil, plant, and water resources by preparing students for careers in soil, plant, and environmentally related disciplines; discovering new scientific knowledge and developing associated technologies to sustain environmentally sound and economically profitable production systems; and ensuring the efficient extension of technological developments to user clientele and society in general.

    Our vision is to be the best at providing the world with sustainable food, feed, fiber, and fuel in a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment through discovery, education, and application.

    Address:   370 Olsen Blvd. College Station, TX 77843
    Contact:   Judy Young
    Phone:  (979) 845-4808   FAX:  (979) 845-0456