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Show Floor Education Demos

It’s Time to Power Up with TNLA’s Education Demos LIVE on the Tradeshow Floor

Earn CEUs and catch EXPO’s Education Demos on Thursday, August 10 and Friday, August 11 at EXPO!


FREE Demos for everyone will include topics such as:

  • Paver Install Troubleshooting to Develop Inspiring Landscapes
  • Rainwater Harvesting Tips and Tricks to include in your next project
  • Exhibitor Product Demonstrations so you can see how products work and ask questions

Participants can upgrade Demo Experience to include the following types of sessions:

  • Drones -- Tree Climbing -- Robotics -- Technology troubleshooting -- Retail Merchandising Tips -- Landscape Lighting

Speaker: Kevin Long, Sales Representative at Berger Peat Moss
Discover the different options available in substrates and learn which will work best for your operations. Located in Hall 2 near the TNLA PAC Lounge.
Demo: Propagation Station – Building Greenhouse Substrates

Speaker: Dr. Rafia Khan, Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist
Get an in-depth look at disease impacting Texas plants today and learn how to identify the location of plant pathogens on leaves, stems, branches, soil and roots.
Demo: Propagation Station – Disease Identification in the Nursery

Speaker: Dr. Hongmin Qin, Associate Professor at Texas A&M Biology
This presentation will focus on the development of a highly efficient callus-induced regeneration system for Queen's crapemyrtle (L. speciosa) using plant growth regulators for callus initiation, differentiation, shoot proliferation, and rooting.
Demo: Propagation Station – Callus-induced organogenesis from leaf explants to regenerate Queen’s crapemyrtle (Lagerstroemia speciosa)

Speaker: Jen Hatalski, Director of Marketing Calloway's Nursery
Take a journey to discover plants and trees that maintain beautiful features and color throughout each season.
Demo: Retail Workspace – Plants with Color All Year Long Containers

Speaker: Dr. Kevin Ong, Plant Pathology and Microbiology Texas A&M AgriLife
Gain knowledge on how to identify pest and disease so you know what treatment method to follow. Dr. Kevin Ong is currently the director of the Texas Plant Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (Plant Clinic).
Demo: Helping Your Customers Identify Common Pest and Disease Issues

Speaker: Andy Chidester, Representative of FoxFarm Soil & Fertilizer
Gain tips on how to get your vegetable starters to fly off the shelves with proper marketing, signs, and activities to build your customer's interest.
Demo: Retail Workspace – Enhance the Veggie Display Sections at Your Store

Speaker: Luis Chamorro, Sales, Marketing & Operations at Heirloom Soils™
Explore the differences in mulch and gain tips to help teach your customers about the different varieties to fit their growing needs.
Demo: Mulch Much -- Help your Customers Understand the Differences

Speaker: Robbie Abillama, Western Region Manager ICL Fertilizers
Gain knowledge on how to conduct soil testing and plant analyses, and the options for fertilizer to ensure your trees and shrubs are receiving the nutrients they need to grow.
Demo: Ensure the Proper Application of Fertilizers for Trees and Shrubs

Speaker: Samantha Knackstadt, Extension Assistant at Texas A&M AgriLife
Walk through the process to begin using a test kit, collect specimen tissue and properly insert your sample and review test strip results. With Dr. Kevin Ong, Texas A&M
Demo: Propagation Station – Test Kits for Pathogen Diagnosis

Speaker: Sajjad Razvi with Vista Pro Outdoor Lighting
Discover different techniques to create design with your lights through illusions and effects. Gain knowledge about proper design practices and learn tips to create show stopper illumination moments for your landscapes.
Demos: Irrigation Lab – Mastering the Art of Landscape Lighting

Speaker: Ashley Grubb, Enchanted Gardens
Check out the latest pollinator-friendly plants available on the market today and gain tips on how to help your customers install and maintain them to help enhance pollinator activity.
Demo: Retail Workspace – Creating Buzz with Pollinator-Friendly Plants

Speaker: Jason Barksdale, ARM, MBA at Hotchkiss Insurance
Two day OSHA training, must attend both days for OSHA 10 credit with Jason Barksdale, Hotchkiss Insurance.
DEMO: OSHA Session: Day 2 OSHA 10
Sessions: OSHA Session: Day 1 OSHA 10

Speaker: DJ Seeger - President, Seeger Water
Learn how to assess critical soil, water, and plant relationships impacting irrigation systems and gain an overview of the recent innovations and technology developments to assist with auditing and better management of landscape irrigation.
Demo: Irrigation Lab – Irrigation Troubleshooting & Performance Testing
Session Titles: Landscape Irrigation Auditing & Management Part 2

Speaker: Dr. Erfan Vafaie, Extension Program Specialist IPM
Best Management Practices to maintain disease and pest-free plants by promoting healthy plants and a beneficial environment. Erfan Vafaie, PhD, is a dedicated entomologist who works closely with growers to understand and manage insects and pathogens in greenhouse and nursery crops.
Demo: Propagation Station – Biosolutions and Use of Pesticides in the Greenhouse
Session: Growing Strong with Best Practices for Insect/Disease Control

Speaker: Adam Perez, Calloway’s Nursery
Explore the variety of house plants available and learn how to help your customers refresh their home with easy to grow house plants.
Demo: Retail Workspace – The Perfect House Plants

Speaker: Nigel Clark, Everde Growers
Expand your knowledge on the different automation technology offerings available to you and your nursery growing operation to help you do business smarter, not harder!
Demo: Propagation Station – Automation Technology in the Nursery

Speaker: Joey Lenderman, Enchanted Gardens
Explore ideas to conduct activities, events and offer coffee or wine amenities to make your garden center a destination, not just a nursery by developing memorable experiences for your customers.
Demo: Retail Workspace – Creating WOW Customer Experiences

Speaker: Scott Anderson, CEO at Urban Tree Company
Gain an in-depth view of electric options when trimming trees. Learn what is involved for a climbing team and what to do with the logs. Explore the different types of saws and trimmers used while climbing.
Demos: Battery Technology in Tree Care, Log Salvage, Climbing Saws and Trimmers