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Cam Too -- Camellia Nursery Inc

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    Grown with Love, Sold with Pride!
    Cam Too was established as a camellia nursery in 1982, as an outgrowth of a long time camellia hobby. We are committed to advancing camellia cultivation and the production of top quality garden variety by increasing the temperature zone ranges, extending the blooming season, increasing the bud-set for a more floriferous plant, and increasing disease resistance. Although there has been quite a bit of breeding done on camellias in recent years, few new verities have been added to the marketplace. The standard varieties are excellent, but many lack adequate hardiness to grow in the cooler climates. We are constantly pushing the northern edge of their hardiness zone to reach people who were previously unable to enjoy the breath-taking beauty of these ever-green, winter-blooming plants. We are continuing to work on and release varieties adapted to hardiness zones 6 through 9, and that will bloom from September to April.

    We are located on 60 acres of land off Highway NC 150 in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA. Our current inventory consists of Camellia japonica, sasanqua, Zone 6 Hybrids, and various other trees, shrubs, and perennials.

    Address:     805 Oakbury Ct Greensboro, NC 27320
    Contact:   Cindy Watson
    Phone:    (336) 643-3727   FAX:  (336) 643-0840


    Cam Too Nursery Fly Over
    Cam Too Camellia Nursery in Brown Summit, NC

    Blooming Encore® Azaleas
    This Vidio will show you our crop of Encore® azaleas in bloom!


    Over the last 38 years, Cam Too Camellia Nursery has provided the highest quality and the best selection of camellias in the industry. At this time, we are growing over 650 Variarties In three-gallon, seven-gallon, and fifteen gallons. 

    On our sixty-five acre farm, our goal is to offer a wide range of camellia varieties that are disease resistant and adaptive from the southern edge to the northern edge of the "Camellia Belt."  We strive to produce the highest quality camellia in the industry. In the past few years, we have made great advancements in growing camellias with abundant bud and flowers while also producing large full plants suitable for your landscape project or nursery customer. All our plants come with a picture tag that includes care instructions and a colored strap tag with the plant's name and a short description. For a small fee, we can pre-price your order with a custom price tag. 
    Everyone knows the traditional camellia japonica and sasanqua cultivars, a staple in southern landscapes and hardy to Zone 7. The winter freeze of 1970 devastated the U.S. National Arboretum's camellia collection, which began the long work to develop a cold-hardy camellia. After twenty-five long years of research, Dr. Ackerman and Dr. Parks introduced the Hybridized Zone 6 Fall Blooming, Hybridized Zone 6 Spring Blooming, and Japonica Hybrids to the camellia world. Cam Too currently grows 25 varieties of the Zone 6 Spring Blooming, including the "April" series and  "Variety Z." one of the earliest varieties.  We have 55 varieties of the Zone 6 Fall Blooming camellia in production, consisting of the widely popular "Winter's" series as well as "Survivor," one of the hardiest varieties known to grow as far north as Toronto Canada. 
    Camellia Japonica, the "Bell of the ball," has large glossy green foliage with blooms ranging from formal double to single flowers with bright yellow centers. This spring-flowering evergreen stands tall and bushy in the landscape. Currently, we are growing 160 varieties so that we can have blooming plants from January through April. We grow a large selection of favorites like Greensboro RedDr.J.C. Raulston,  Kramer's SupremeNuccio's Cameo, Jacks, Professor Sargent, and many other unique varieties for the camellia enthusiast.  
    Camellia Sasanqua is the small leaf camellia that blooms in the fall and works well in full to part sun. Sasanquas can vary in size from dwarf varieties averaging four feet in height like Shishigashira and Mine-No-Yuki to Kanjiro, which can reach upwards of fifteen feet. The flower form and color can vary like the japonica, from White Christmas's formal white flower to Yuletide's single red flower. Just like the Japonica, we grow many of the favorites like Apple Blossom, SetsugekkaYuletide, Autumn Rocket, Cleopatra, and the October Magic Series®.  We currently have 425 varieties in production.  Depending on the variety Sasanquas start blooming in September and continue to bloom into January and February.  
    Between the japonica and the sasanqua, it's possible to have a blooming camellia in your landscape from September to April.  Please take the time to visit our website or PlantAnt to view our complete availability.


    Cam Too camellia nursery has always been known for growing the highest quality and the best selection of Camellias in the industry. We are excited to bring you Encore® azaleas, Cephalotaxus, Moon Meadow Perennials, and much much more!!!

    Over the years, we have been adding plants to our plant selection. We only pick plants that we can be the best at growing, and our customers will have the most success with. Along the way, Encore® azaleas have become one of those plants. At this time, we grow twenty-five varieties in a three-gallon and thirteen varieties in a seven-gallon. Each azalea meets our high-quality standards and is reasonably priced. With the limited supply in the market, please take some time to look over our availability and let us know if we can help you find a specific variety.   

    Cephalotaxus is another great plant we have in our selection. This evergreen is not only a great compliment to our camellias, but they also come in several varieties to suit your landscape needs. Among the varieties we grow are, Prostrata, Drupacea, Duke Gardens, Yewtopia®, and Fastigiata. The majority of our Cephalotaxus' are propagated in-house to control the quality and consistency from the start. We grow large, heavily branched three-gallon and seven-gallon plants that are perfect for your landscape project or nursery customers.

    Moon Meadow Perennials, a Division of Cam Too Camellia Nursery, has also grown to be one of our great selections. In the early spring, we pot over 10,000 one-gallon perennials, which are ready to ship by April, helping us extend our season while helping customers meet their minimum for reorders. We mainly choose perennials that have been proven to be strong performers with the occasional new "Trendy" plants sprinkled in.

    Our "others" category has really grown to showcase our quality.  Please take the time to visit our website or PlantAnt to view our complete availability.

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