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Rootmaker® -- Root Pruning Container System

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    THE ORGINAL Root Pruning Container System.  
    Our root pruning containers create fibrous root systems using Air (RootMaker, RootBuilder plastic pots), Constriction (Knit fabric tree bags), or Trapping (RootTrapper) from propagation to large trees. Our products are designed to promote root branching and new roots at every phase of nursery production, whether above-ground, in-ground, or even ­in-pot. This results in a root system that has a greater surface area than conventional production, and therefore achieves greater efficiency in the absorption of water and nutrients, an increase in growth rate, establishment, transplant survivability, and ultimately, superior performance for your customers.


    Address:     PO Box 14553 Huntsville, AL 35815-0553
    Contact:   Wayne Hinton
    Phone:    256-882-3199   FAX:  256-882-0423


    The Original Root-Pruning System®

    RootMaker® and the Whitcomb System®

    RootMakers® are designed to create fibrous, non-circling root systems horizontally and vertically at all phases of production to equip plants for transplanting success. Our products aren't just "containers" but rather root production tools. Each step complements the next, building upon the previous fibrous root system. A fibrous root system means a greater root tip surface area and translates to a greater efficiency in the absorption of water and nutrients; an increase in growth rate, establishment, and vigor; a higher transplant survivability; and ultimately, superior performance for your customers.

    Start Strong
    Air-root-pruning stimulates root branching without toxic chemicals. Pictured on the left is a root without the benefit of air-root-pruning. On the right, a root that has been air-root-pruned in the RootMaker®II container. This critical air-root-pruning accelerates growth and increases efficiency. Continue the root branching with each complementary step of the Whitcomb System®.

    Finish Strong
    This 6-inch caliper bur oak was grown with the Whitcomb System® and is 6 years old from seed germination. Notice root branching in all directions. After 3 months in the RootMaker® propagation container, and 2.5 years of constriction-pruning in the knit fabric container, this oak was transplanted and grown for 3 years with the fabric removed. The only mechanical root cutting was by a 52" tree spade at harvest.

    32-cell Propagation Trays

    Cell Dimensions - 2.25" X 2.25" X 4". Cell Volume - 11 Cubic Inches.

    First and most critical step toward creating a fibrous root system.
    Promotes horizontal root branching.
    Greater root tip surface means greater efficiency in water and nutrient absorption.

    Propagation is the first and most critical step toward creating a fibrous root system.  Non-circling fibrous roots allow for rapid establishment following transplanting.  Greater root tip surace area means great effeciency in water and nutrient absorption.  RootMaker propagation trays promote horizontal root branching.  

    Benefits:  Little or no transplant shock.  Plants are equippped for rapid transplant success and long-term health.  Increase yields in produce crops. Higher quality product in less time means more profit.

    Available Sizes:  18-cell, 32-cell, 60-cell and 105-cell trays.  All sizes fit in 10x20 lightweight mesh flat.  

    For best results, we recommend using RootMaker propagation trays on top of a wire bench or other support that allowers airflow, 18 to 24" above the floor to allow good air circulation and thus efficient air-root pruning on all sides of the container, not just the bottom.

    Comparison Picture:  Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando, FL shared with us their experiment growing ornamental cabbage 'Crane Bicolor' in RootMaker trays(left) vs. a conventional 24-cell tray(right).  The trays were planted side by side on August 15th and received the same soil, light, water and fertilizer. Check out the massive growth difference!

    3-Gallon Injection Molded RootMaker

    Dimensions: 9.5" Height; 10.5" Inside Top Diameter; 11.75" Top Diameter. Volume - 600 cubic inches.

    Creates a fibrous, non-circling root system and accelerates plant growth.
    Air-root prunes and promotes horizontal root branching.

    Following propagation many nurseries shift to an Injected Molded 1, 2, 3, or 5 Gallon RootMaker to continue air-root pruning.  These containers are designed to air-prune at the container sidewall and maintain roots poised to grow horizontally immediately following transplanting.  This is done with a series of ribs and ledges tha stop root circling and direct roots into opening for continued air-pruning.  This also creates a root system throughout the volume of growth medium and not just in a congested layer at the sidewall.

    Benefits:  Little or no transplant shock.  Plants are equippped for rapid transplant success and long-term health.  More efficient use of water and nutrients.  Increase yields in produce crops. Higher quality product in less time means more profit.

    Available sizes:  1, 2, 3, and 5-Gallon sizes

    For best results use a soiless mix:  ground pine bark, peat, and sand 60x20x20 by volume.  Add 1.5 pounds of Micromax micronutrients and 14 pounds of 17-7-12 Osmocote per cubic yard.  The quantity of dolomite required for best growth depends on the minerals dissolved in your irrigation water.  Other recommendations are site specific.

    When a rooted cutting or seedling from a RootMaker propagtion container is transplanted into a three gallon RootMaker container, the result is a continued fibrous root system with no circling and large quantities of root tips are poised to extend and establish the plant in the field or landscape.  

    RootMaker® History

    The company was founded in January of 2000 as the sales and marketing arm of the Rootmaker® Root Branching System. In 2000, the company set up offices in Huntsville, Ala., where it continues to operate.

    The company has grown steadily to serve a constantly expanding customer roster. Through catalogues, trade show appearances and a website, the company markets more than 100 products ranging from plant containers to propagation products. The company also administers the RootMaker® Certified Grower's program, which certifies plants grown at commercial nurseries and tree farms using the RootMaker® Root Branching System.