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Ceramo Company -- Pottery for Every Lifestyle

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    Pottery for Every Lifestyle
    In the more than 75 years that Ceramo Company has been supplying America's leading garden centers with world-class pottery, we have grown from being a small regional producer of red clay pots into one of the industry’s top distributors of flower pots and planters from every corner of the globe. We feature flower pots and planters from almost 20 different manufacturers located in 8 different countries, and our catalog collections offer one of the largest product selections in the industry. Ceramo sells its pots directly to independent garden centers across the country.

    Address: 681 Kasten Drive Hwy 72 Jackson, MO 63755
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    Phone:    (573) 243-3138    FAX:  (573) 243-3130


    Powder Coated Standard Pots & Saucers

    The classic flower pot shape is reinvented in a range of 25 exciting fashion colors. Offered in 4 sizes. Our Powder Coated Standard Pots have become our signature item.

    Why do garden centers love our signaure Powder-Coated Standard Pots so much?

    • Designer colors are dominating the pottery market for houseplants
    • The all-time classic “flower pot shape” continues to be an affordable revenue-driver at retail
    • Crafted in Germany from durable terra cotta clay and totally coated in a plasticine powder coat for perfect, uniform colors.
    • We carry 25 colors & multiple shapes and sizes.
    • Powder-coated planters are offered in open-stock  program or in a range of mixed pallet, display pallet, & planogram configurations.
    • Colors can be mixed and matched in a infinite range of seasonal displays - holidays, team colors, etc. 
    • Matching saucers are available.
    • Quick retail sales at impulse-purchase price points.
    • We stock an extensive on-hand inventory for quick shipment.
    • Stacking shape is ideal for stores with smaller floor plans

    Granite Clay Flower Pots

    Since we introduced it last year, this subtle, trendy white marbled clay has become a "must-stock" collection for garden centers across the country. We carry these amazing German pots in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

    Clay pots remain a “must-carry” item for any L&G retailer

    Designer colors are taking over the market - our German pots from Spang are at the forefront of this trend.

    Ceramo has a very close, long-term relationship with Spang
    Spang’s clay pots are high-fired & very durable
    Reduces retailer shrinkage
    Spang is the largest pottery factory in the world
    Ceramo hosts Spang’s US warehouse
    We ship boxed programs of  Spang pots with an average of < 1% breakage

    Spang’s clay pots are a vastly superior product to Italian terra cotta
    Higher firing temperatures result in more durable pots
    Uniform coloration leads to higher sell-throughs
    Reduced breakage = margin $ growth

    German pots cost less than Italian pots for the smaller sizes that drive sales 

    Offered in a box program or in mixed display pallets.

    New Publications, Highlights, Updates, Links / PDF

    Ceramo's 2022 Catalog.  We invite you to navigate this catalog full of America's favorite flower pots! To see a full copy of the catalog which includes wholesale prices for all of our pots and saucers, please register as a user of our website.

    Ceramo USA - Company History

    Ceramo Company is one of the largest U.S. owned domestic distributors of standard red clay pottery. Founded by Vernon Kasten, Sr. in 1945. Vernon Kasten, Jr. is currently President of Ceramo Company. Ceramo currently operates a distribution center in Jackson, MO to provide service to our customers. Ceramo Company has grown dramatically over the years by continually providing quality pottery and excellent service at competitive prices. Ceramo Company offers its customers unique and value-based pottery as well as a variety of foreign manufactured pottery. "Pottery for Every Lifestyle" is what Ceramo Company prides itself in carrying for its customers. We are their destination stop for purchasing all of their pottery needs. Ceramo features many Beautiful Glazed Planters, Terra Cotta Planters, Water Garden Bowls, Birdbaths, Fountains, Cast Iron Planters and Urns along with a wide variety of Garden Decor.