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Starling Nursery Inc.

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    Highest quality containerized landscape plants
    Starling Nursery provides the highest quality field grown and containerized landscape plants. Our mission is to provide our customers with a wide variety of the highest quality plants and trees, at a fair market price. Starling Nursery prides itself on establishing and maintaining a good reputation in the horticulture industry.

    Address:     100 Raulerson Road 1 Seville, FL 32190
    Contact:   Gibbs, William M.
    Phone:    386-749-0052   FAX:  386-749-4773


    The Starling Family


    Trevor started the farm with 5 acres and has grown Starling Nursery, Inc. into 160 acre farm with 40 acres in the planning process. He is at the farm daily tagging shipments, making decisions concerning crop management, watering schedules, and works closely with the employees.





    Lori has been a part of Starling Nursery, Inc. for over 5 years. Currently, she takes care of office operations, sales, and accounts payable and receivables. Building trucks weekly heading up I- 95 North as far north as Wilmington and to the Atlanta area getting the best possible freight rate available.