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Suståne -- Natural Fertilizers. Soil Builders

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    Known world wide as simply the best natural fertilizers and soil builders
    Suståne is a line of fertilizers and soil builders that combines the many benefits of high quality compost with the performance and precision of a slow release fertilizer. Suståne is the world’s leading manufacturer-exporter of organic and natural base slow release nitrogen fertilizers for all green industries. Suståne’s products are designed for organic farms and gardens, turf and ornamental plants and native vegetative establishment. There are Suståne products available for all crop fertility, establishment, maintenance, reclamation and soil building programs. Suståne fertilizers are derived from aerobic, concentrated compost – rich in humus, dense in nutrients and biologically active.

    Address:     31 East Elm Ave. PO Box 168 Staatsburg, NY 12580
    Contact:   Hawkes, Rich
    Phone:    914-474-1198   FAX:  845-889-4272