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Blackmore Company: The Ellepot System

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    Blackmore is a leading supplier of equipment, plastic trays, NEW Ellepots for Landscaping and Propagation and other products to the Commercial horticulture industry. Blackmore has the trays, (and other products) to get you growing.

    About Us---
    The Blackmore Company has been serving the horticulture industry since 1966 and is the leader in seed sowing equipment and seed sowing technology. The name Blackmore is synonymous with excellence in seed sowing, customer service, and leadership in plug production technology and techniques.

    Blackmore makes more than 20 million trays per year and while best known for plug trays, we also make flats, packs/ inserts, specialty growing/shipping trays, landscaper trays and Ellepot propagation/liner trays.