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Show Floor Education Demos

It’s Time to Power Up with TNLA’s Education Demos LIVE on the Tradeshow Floor

Earn CEUs and catch EXPO’s Education Demos on Thursday, August 10 and Friday, August 11 at EXPO!


FREE Demos for everyone will include topics such as:

  • Paver Install Troubleshooting to Develop Inspiring Landscapes
  • Rainwater Harvesting Tips and Tricks to include in your next project
  • Exhibitor Product Demonstrations so you can see how products work and ask questions

Participants can upgrade Demo Experience to include the following types of sessions:

  • Drones -- Tree Climbing -- Robotics -- Technology troubleshooting -- Retail Merchandising Tips -- Landscape Lighting

2022 Nursery/Landscape EXPO Show Floor Education Demos .... STAY CONNECTED!

Speakers: Mark and Laurie Mann, Owners - American BioChar Company
Biochar improves soil characteristics (such as CEC and compaction) and increases soil biology (such as fungi and bacteria). Results of the tree's ability to recover from specific urban stresses will be shared.
Demo: Improving the Biology of Soils and the Resiliency of Trees with Biochar

Speaker: Jen Hatalski, Director of Marketing Calloway's Nursery
Watch a hands-on demonstration on how to put together eye-catching containers and learn new methods to create these displays for customers to either mimic themselves or purchase right off the shelf.
Demo: RETAIL – Mixing it Up: Creating Eye-Catching Must Have Containers

Speaker: Curt Hummil, CH Products LLC
CH Products LLC: The 360° Tree Stabilizer: a no touch tree support system. Join us in the product demo area near the TNLA Booth for CH Products LLC's No-Touch Tree Staking System, Don't Scar the Trunk!
Demo: CH Products LLC’s No-Touch Tree Staking System, Don’t Scar the Trunk!

Speaker: Nicholas Staddon, Everde Growers
In this session, discover new techniques needed to read your customer's buying habits in order to help them make the right purchase to achieve their landscaping and gardening needs. Speaker Nicholas Staddon with Everde Growers
Demo: RETAIL – Salesmanship Get to Know Your Customer’s Needs

Speaker: Dr. Kevin Ong, Plant Pathology and Microbiology Texas A&M AgriLife
Through this demonstration see first-hand what pests and diseases look like on contained examples of plants and learn how to conduct best management practices.
Demo: Plant Health Issues, Do You Know What To Look For

Speaker: Kim Sprague, Drone Operator & Consultant with GoHOVER
From flight to the future, see how drones can help maximize your company’s resources, time and save you money in the long run with their photographic technology, spraying capabilities, and more.
Demo: DRONES – Flying 101, Pre-Flight Inspection, drone regulations

Speaker: Danae Jackson, Redwing Company, Tree Care Industry Association
Danae has worked for TCIA (Tree Care Industry Association, a large national company running tree crews, and now in her current role she gets to work with small companies to large national accounts to provide cutting edge climbing and rigging equipment!
Demo: Tree Climbing – Introduction into Tree Climbing

Speaker: Sajjad Razvi with Vista Pro Outdoor Lighting
Must register to attend this demonstration! Through this demonstration with Speaker Sajjad Razvi with Vista Pro, you will learn different techniques to create the design with your lights through illusions and effects.
Demo: Night Scenes, Proper Plant Placement while Creating a Spectacular Lighting

Speaker: Ashley Grubb, Enchanted Gardens
Gain knowledge on how you can better help train staff for busy seasons regarding new and exhisting plant materials being offered at your garden center and also be in the moment to provide excellent customer service.
Demo: How to Prep Your Staff for Busy Season and with Customers

Speaker: Rebecca Lusk, Calloway’s Nursery
Must register to attend this demonstration! Additional Information coming soon! In this session, learn different tips and tricks to help get customers in and out of your garden center without causing congestion.
Demo: RETAIL – Stop the Traffic Jams, Layouts and Designs that Work

Speaker: Curtis Crump, C2 Irrigation Services
This course is a step-by-step process for troubleshooting electrical issues on conventional, multi-wire sprinkler systems. The course begins with asking what the issue is, then moves to troubleshooting beginning at the controller and outlet, and then troubleshooting in the field.
Demo: IRRIGATION – Electric Trouble Shooting