Zapt (Nomad)

Nomad Is ZAPT's Fully Autonomous Commercial Mower  
Nomad autonomously cuts grass within a defined boundary based on a pre-determined path. The defined boundary is established initially from satellite imagery data. Then while in operation, Nomad will collect real-time positioning and mapping data from its redundant sensor suite onboard. These sensors construct an accurately scaled map with detailed imagery within 100 meters around Nomad as it moves along the path. This map is then used to augment Nomad's information for future work. Nomad's path planning algorithm is also used to safely navigate around all unexpected moving or stationary objects along its route. Essentially, we set up a path to be cut on your site, load that path into Nomad, and then Nomad will do the rest, keeping you updated along the way.

Autonomous Products & Technologies to Do More With the Same Headcount
Nomad maximizes productivity by constantly knowing its location, mowing at an optimal speed with minimal overlap, and transforming deck sizes to mow complex areas. Nomad also has 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steering to maintain productivity on slopes and cut while moving in any direction. Initially, we will use the path planning software to optimize the most efficient mowing path on the site. Then while mowing, Nomad will optimize its path considering objects it detects. Additionally, Nomad has an extensive reporting system for users to evaluate efficiency, create improved schedules, and be proactive with regular maintenance. We generate at least four mowing paths for each site, so we do not compact the soil and leave tire tracks due to mowing the same path week after week.

At ZAPT, we believe that we are leaders in developing robotic technology to make autonomy accessible.

Address:   6614 Gant Rd Houston, TX 77066
Phone:  (832) 295-7280   FAX: 


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